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Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.
  • 1.
    God is protected

    God is protected
    God is protected permanently
    From any influences and from disease
    He is absolutely protected successfully read more »

  • 2.

    magic is in the music
    magic is in the air
    magic is all around us
    magic are you there read more »

    demi buxton
  • 3.
    Africa with Magic and Miracle

    The magic of africa is in africa
    magic shine only in your heart
    while miracle shine all around
    your life read more »

    Senator alufalism
  • 4.
    Magic Is In You

    Magic is in your skin I want to be in
    Magic is in your eyes for you the perfect size
    Magic is in everything you wear down you your underwear’s
    Magic is in your touch I want you so much read more »

    Wilfred Mellers
  • 5.
    Still Believe In Magic

    I still believe in magic
    But people didn't believe it anymore
    They are basing in the new technologies
    That the world has invented for read more »

    Courtney Elfa Alaban
  • 6.
    Magic Always

    There's magic when we hold hands
    When you slip your fingers into mine
    The memory always lingers read more »

    Emmanuel Emesakoru
  • 7.

    Magic happens when the heart opens to love & bliss,
    There's magic in that special kiss,

    Theres magic seen in another's eyes & smile, read more »

    Jean Dament
  • 8.
    White Magic Women

    White magic women seen walking on the rode
    White magic women with poison lips and bitter eyes
    White magic women with that black magic hair
    White magic women with skin and bones read more »

    jasmine shipp
  • 9.
    Magic dance (lyrics)

    You remind me of the babe,
    (What babe.)
    Babe with the power,
    (What power.) read more »

    Satan's Sibling
  • 10.
    White Magic

    I can feel white magic burnig inside me
    just waiting to burst out
    and eager to be used read more »

    Alejandra Moreno
  • 11.
    It's simply magic

    It’s Simply Magic

    It’s just a little bit of magic, to enlighten your world, read more »

    AaI Harvey
  • 12.


    Magic in life is made of resonance of different tunes
    Like the fragrance of different flowers in a garden read more »

    Mittur Ramprasad
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