Treasure Island

Pramila Davidson

Poems of Pramila Davidson

1. A couplet from Kabir 8/23/2013
2. Cloud Walking 1/10/2014
3. Dohas 12/29/2013
4. Fidelity 2/23/2014
5. Ghalib 8/23/2013
6. I know the truth about heaven 2/21/2014
7. I Laugh When I hear That The Fish In The Sea Is Thirsty 9/15/2013
8. I set out in search of evil 8/23/2013
9. If I could 8/23/2013
10. It Takes A Lifetime For A Sigh To Sink In 2/23/2014
11. Kabir's Couplets 8/23/2013
12. Love Was Never My Destiny 2/23/2014
13. Nightwatch 8/16/2013


Dark night of the soul,
unlit by the shimmer of mythical Gods;
The wayward treacheries of the heart,
seared to dust in the fire of experience.

From dust to ashes,
the embalmed comfort of moral rectitude.

[Hata Bildir]