Ramesh T A

(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Poems of Ramesh T A

1681. What A Change! 1/6/2010
1682. What A Difference In Climate! 5/18/2010
1683. What A Waiting! 8/31/2012
1684. WHAT DO YOU SAY? 5/30/2010
1685. What Else Can? 8/22/2012
1686. What Is Important In Life? 9/22/2009
1687. What Is Poetry? 3/9/2012
1688. What To Say? 10/12/2009
1689. When That Day Will Dawn? 10/6/2008
1690. Where Are Spiritualists? 5/14/2009
1691. WHERE CAN LOVE BE FOUND? 9/24/2010
1692. Where Is Respite? 2/8/2010
1693. Where Is Soul? 5/12/2011
1694. Where Is The Limit For Romance? 7/9/2010
1695. Where Lies Bliss? 3/13/2012
1696. WHICH IS BETTER? 4/29/2009
1697. Which Is Scariest Now? 11/1/2013
1698. Which Is Weilding Power - Money or Love? 3/4/2009
1699. Which One? 6/12/2010
1700. WHITE CROW! 11/19/2010

When That Day Will Dawn?

Diwali! What is it and why is it celebrated so lavishly every year?
It is the celebration of the Death Anniversary of Demon Narakasura,
The incarnation of All Evils in toto in the legendary age of the world!
Corruption, dowry, unemployment, poverty, ignorance and disease are
The Evils need to be eliminated for celebrating Diwali……. soon…..!

Commission called corruption is paid for any job to be done today
Whether to get admission for education or job in the govt. institution.

[Hata Bildir]