Ramesh T A

Freshman - 643 Points (28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Ramesh T A Poems

1. Songs Of The Singing Bird! 8/6/2013
2. A Balance Of Power Game! 10/13/2009
3. A Win In Contest! 9/23/2013
4. A Balancing Act Of Nature A Wonder! 8/11/2009
5. A Bad, Good, Ugly Society! 8/29/2009
6. A Balance Between Marriages And Divorces! 10/24/2009
7. A Beacon Of Love! 7/25/2009
8. A Beautiful Nature To Wonder! 10/26/2009
9. A Mood Romantic In Nature! 9/1/2009
10. A Bird Song! 5/13/2009
11. A Bad And Good Love! 1/6/2010
12. A Bad And Good Nature! 10/12/2009
13. A Balancing Act! 7/31/2009
14. A Beautiful Life! 8/3/2009
15. A Romantic Life Adventure! 3/7/2010
16. A Beauty Natural Is True! 8/6/2009
17. Duty And Work! 6/18/2009
18. A Food For Everything! 3/18/2010
19. An Eternal War For Survival! 2/1/2010
20. A Concept Of Nature And Man! 4/30/2009
21. A Beautiful Colour Festival, Holi! 9/13/2009
22. A Cause Noble! 6/27/2009
23. A Beastly Machine Man Life! 9/6/2009
24. A Great Human Heart! 11/6/2008
25. A Bad Or Good Day? 4/3/2010
26. A Great Festival In Nine And One Nights! 9/30/2008
27. A Pearl! 6/26/2009
28. A Born Poet Is Real! 6/21/2009
29. A Glorious Life With Nature! 10/1/2009
30. A Better Taste! 11/10/2009
31. A Beautiful Range Of Music 8/29/2009
32. A Path Shown By God! 11/10/2009
33. A Time Machine! 11/3/2009
34. A Grief Message! 1/21/2010
35. A Sunny Day! 6/2/2013
36. A Beautiful Beach Of Danger! 10/7/2009
37. A Mosquito Time! 7/5/2009
38. A Making Of An Artist! 6/19/2009
39. A Beach Playground! 6/6/2009
40. A Best Way To Reach God! 7/17/2009
Best Poem of Ramesh T A

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.
For all, the beginning and the end
Are in Nature only and so it is
The friend, philosopher and guide
Not only to poets, scientists and artists
But also to the whole of mankind.

From first melody to last funeral song
All songs say only about ...

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One Great Power!

Bead-String in one hand and Book in another hand
Goddess Saraswathi sits on a White Lotus
Victoriously invoking art with her beautiful Veena
Eternally divine notes infinite
To grace the ardent one with knowledge to stand in this world
And have a permanent place in that world!

Sitting on a Pink Lotus Goddess Lakshmi shines bright
In all her glory wearing Ornaments of Gold and Diamonds

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