Randy McClave

Gold Star - 6,553 Points (Ashland, Kentucky)

Randy McClave Poems

1. Save A Wonder 5/23/2007
2. Long As 5/23/2007
3. Loving You 5/23/2007
4. Just A Poet 5/24/2007
5. Victory 5/24/2007
6. The Seed 5/24/2007
7. Warrior, He 5/25/2007
8. Iron Bars Of Mine 5/26/2007
9. Inside Of You 5/31/2007
10. Peacefully, He Died 5/31/2007
11. Other Night 5/31/2007
12. Tears In Heaven 6/1/2007
13. Quiteness 6/1/2007
14. One Day 6/2/2007
15. The Rose 6/2/2007
16. Wake Me! 8/15/2007
17. The Dream 5/14/2007
18. See Babies Crying 5/15/2007
19. Myself 5/17/2007
20. Last Night, I Died 5/17/2007
21. Love Never Dies 5/17/2007
22. Jesus Walk 5/19/2007
23. Pass This Way 5/20/2007
24. My House 5/20/2007
25. In Deep Thought 5/22/2007
26. If You Come By 5/22/2007
27. Stand 5/22/2007
28. Sticks And Stones 6/3/2009
29. Chances Are 7/23/2009
30. Come This Way Again 7/23/2009
31. Hello, Death 7/23/2009
32. As I Was Told 7/23/2009
33. Jesus At Midnight 7/24/2009
34. A War Raging On 7/24/2009
35. Old Oak Tree 7/24/2009
36. Be Not Proud 7/26/2009
37. If I Were 7/26/2009
38. Blessed 7/26/2009
39. A Rose 7/26/2009
40. Be Strong 7/26/2009
Best Poem of Randy McClave

Bring Me Flowers

Bring me flowers when I am living
Don't bring me them when I am dead,
Let me enjoy them in the giving
My mother always had said.
Let me hold them in my hands
And smell their fragrant scent,
Then I will reminisce of different lands
Before; I am heaven sent.
I will reflect back when I was young
Or, I might think back not long ago,
When I walked underneath the sun
Or, when I felt the wind as it blowed.

Bring me flowers when I am here
Please don't wait until I am gone,
So, I might reflect to a different year
And my memories will last on.
I ...

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Muhammad Ali Had Died

If I had a flag I'd fly it at half mast
As I just heard I have lost part of my past,
The memories are all that I now have left
Unto our world of life, there was a terrible theft.
I still remember that one man who loved to fight
But, not always with fists, sometimes with poems to recite,
He was never humbled, but he did fate us
And he will always be remembered, as the greatest.
He was a boxer at which he was very skilled

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