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1. A cold Bath At 12Midnight, with a friend watching 11/18/2013
2. A Packaged Present 11/28/2013
3. A Parting hug 12/1/2013
4. Alone In The Dark 11/26/2013
5. At Night She Hums 12/8/2013
6. Beachside Lute 12/24/2013
7. Beauty(HAIKU) 11/27/2013
8. Character 12/4/2013
9. Christmas 11/26/2013
10. DEATH 12/25/2013
11. FELICITATIONS 12/20/2013
12. First Day 11/26/2013
13. Happy-Birthday(PAMELA) 11/24/2013
14. I Am Just Ill, I Will Not Die 11/19/2013
15. I can't help but wait(NENGI) 11/19/2013
16. I Want Us To Live In My Dream 11/26/2013
17. If by chance we meet 11/26/2013
18. I'm the cloud 11/21/2013
19. It Is More Than That 12/3/2013
20. Love 12/4/2013

Remember me

When that stale, malign wind shall push fussy news into your ears, don't debar to allow it flux.......i'm convinced and very sure that you will flummox.......

But plesae remember me!

It's forsooth a wold, a place where you hear din, sure when you come across the news you shall swoon.....yes but i trust God's folk, you shall be fine by noon.....

Please remember me!

That loll state, so desolate, lieu of thee i ploded there.the arena is drab......i longed for a hug or a perk from thee

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