Treasure Island




1. A cold Bath At 12Midnight, with a friend watching 11/18/2013
2. A Packaged Present 11/28/2013
3. A Parting hug 12/1/2013
4. Alone In The Dark 11/26/2013
5. At Night She Hums 12/8/2013
6. Beachside Lute 12/24/2013
7. Beauty(HAIKU) 11/27/2013
8. Character 12/4/2013
9. Christmas 11/26/2013
10. DEATH 12/25/2013
11. FELICITATIONS 12/20/2013
12. First Day 11/26/2013
13. Happy-Birthday(PAMELA) 11/24/2013
14. I Am Just Ill, I Will Not Die 11/19/2013
15. I can't help but wait(NENGI) 11/19/2013
16. I Want Us To Live In My Dream 11/26/2013
17. If by chance we meet 11/26/2013
18. I'm the cloud 11/21/2013
19. It Is More Than That 12/3/2013
20. Love 12/4/2013

My Calypso Experience

Her soakling radiant eyes met mine, and mine lost in hers.her beautiful frame baited me and i started ploding towards her.
She asked me to kiss her, i did...that which i speak with fell in love with nicely built frame.
Presto my nice traits fell trecked down the dusky ground, and i wore that bairn.i sat down pensive, penitent!
A mortal frame seeing imortal frames, and they tried lead me to bailiwick.
Oh my calypso experience, never will i aproach thee again...

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