Rayana King

Poems of Rayana King

1. Embracing Age 12/1/2012
2. His beauty is cruelty 12/4/2012
3. I Close My Eyes 7/31/2012
4. I heard her story 1/2/2013
5. I Loved You From A Far 8/31/2013
6. Nature's Lullaby 7/3/2012
7. Poems of the ages 1/7/2013
8. Shadows 7/31/2012
9. The Boulevard Shadows 7/6/2012
10. The child 4/24/2013

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes hearing my heart beat.
I go deep into a place where it's only me.
I ask myself if this is a dream,
but I realize that I am not asleep

This place my only peace,
away from the harshness of reality.
No one's here but me.
There's no pain or the need to weep.

My suffering has ceased.
I am now at ease.

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