Reihaneh Jalalian

Poems of Reihaneh Jalalian

1. A droplet of rain 1/22/2009
2. A red gift 1/16/2009
3. A school is always a school 11/13/2008
4. Dark night 2/5/2009
5. Do you know what exactly freedom means? 12/5/2008
6. Grandma 2/9/2009
7. I try to forget 3/15/2009
8. I will buy you a new life 2/10/2009
9. Maybe a dream 1/8/2009
10. Miles away 1/9/2009
11. My dreams will come true 11/13/2008
12. My lost city 11/13/2008
13. That lonely girl 11/13/2008
14. When a girl is bored 1/8/2009
15. When I was disappointed 12/5/2008
16. You'll be safe, just trust me 11/13/2008

My dreams will come true

When the flowers grow up
When the grass is green
When the sun shines in the sky
When the cold breeze blows
When the trees have fruits
When the lonely fish in the pond wakes up
When the birds come back from their migration
When the black cloud sleeps

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