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1. Beauty And Character 11/22/2011
2. Love Sonnet 147: 'If I Intrude In Your Lonely Presence' 11/22/2011
3. The Raging Storm 11/22/2011
4. When Men Would Pride 11/22/2011
5. Lust 11/22/2011
6. What I Am 11/22/2011
7. Breathes There A Man 11/22/2011
8. Eyeful Bliss 11/22/2011
9. Failure 11/22/2011
10. What Will It Be? 11/22/2011
11. Destiny? 11/22/2011
12. Do Not Go Down With The Ship 11/22/2011
13. The Middle Path 11/22/2011
14. Infidelity 11/22/2011
15. Hush A Bye Baby Updated 11/22/2011
16. The Girl With The Gun 11/23/2011
17. An Astronomer To His Love 11/23/2011
18. A Mathematician To His Love 11/23/2011
19. A Doctor To His Love 11/23/2011
20. Love Sonnet 146: 'The World Comes On To Me In Cruelest Guise' 11/12/2011
21. Shakespeare's Sonnet 1 Modernized 11/11/2011
22. Love Sonnet 145: ' When Gloom Abides With Me Tenaciously' 11/11/2011
23. Love Sonnet 144: 'With All The Wickedness Roaming The Earth' 11/22/2011
24. Love Sonnet 143: 'Have You Contrived, To Deprive Me Of Sleep' 11/22/2011
25. Love Sonnet 148: 'I Did Once Boast That Thousand Spears' 11/21/2011
26. The Tempting Dance 11/23/2011
27. The Stalker 11/23/2011
28. The Girl With The Dog 11/23/2011
29. Invincible 11/22/2011
30. An Atheist To His Love 11/23/2011
31. The Dream 11/23/2011
32. Temptation 11/22/2011
33. A Believer To His Love 11/23/2011
34. Retaliation 11/23/2011
35. Now, Out With Your Tambourines, Greet The Dawn 11/24/2011
36. Love Sonnet 149: 'As Darkening Shadows Of Night Are Cast' 11/26/2011
37. Love Sonnet 150: 'Now, Out With Your Tambourines, Greet The Dawn' 11/26/2011
38. Cycle Of Love 11/27/2011
39. Despair 12/12/2011
40. Laughter 12/12/2011
Best Poem of Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Love Sonnet 186: 'As I Scour Back Recesses Of My Brain'

As I scour back recesses of my brain,
Nary a nook I find without your name,
So broadcasted therein like scattered grain,
That furrowed acreage would fully claim;
Seen as graffiti on cerebral walls,
Or else, as lone signage in glowing lights,
That in my reverie frequently calls,
Having been granted sole visiting rights;
And thus imprinted is your name, so bold,
That shouts of love in my waking or sleep,
Stirring up memories, dusty and old,
Imbedded in my consciousness so deep;
……..That may last forever as poets know,
……..Though not as flame ...

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As darkness looms so thick, a solid wall,
Which held the night hostage, it failed to dawn,
The heart sinks deeper, reeling from the fall,
Adversity, obliges it to spawn;
The noisy accolades of past glories,
Have muted down to murmurs of regret,
No laurels on the head, just memories,
Some vestiges a few did not forget;
A hero cast aside so slovenly,

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