Rich Downes

Rich Downes Poems

1. (always) Newly Sinking 5/13/2012
2. (as) You Dare 5/13/2012
3. (difficulty When Low) Transpired 5/13/2012
4. (ever Near To) Lying 5/13/2012
5. (every) Warning 5/13/2012
6. (falling Today) As Less Smart 5/13/2012
7. (feelin') The Strain 5/13/2012
8. (getting) Sorrows 5/13/2012
9. (gonna Omit) A Tease 5/13/2012
10. (heart Still) Shatters 5/13/2012
11. (heart) Prison 5/13/2012
12. (here Comes) The Pain 5/13/2012
13. (like That) Pose 5/13/2012
14. (lonely) Scream 5/13/2012
15. (never So) Right 5/13/2012
16. (not Beyond) Alone 5/13/2012
17. (can'T Be) Right 5/13/2012
18. (not Sure) What's In Store 5/13/2012
19. (one Will) As Low 5/13/2012
20. (she's The Reason) I Frown 5/13/2012
21. (so Many) Silent Screams 5/13/2012
22. (uniquely) Feeling Tight 5/13/2012
23. (won'T Ya) Let Me Be Who I Wannabe 5/13/2012
24. A Cry 5/13/2012
25. (i'M Sore) Once More 5/13/2012
26. (if Love Isn'T So Real) Then I Need A Plan 5/13/2012
27. (kind Of) Drug 5/13/2012
28. (lacking Sense Of) Gloss 5/13/2012
29. (leaving Me) With A Gloom 5/13/2012
30. (left No) Reason 5/13/2012
31. (i Wish Ya Knew) That I Love You 5/13/2012
32. (like A) Knife 5/13/2012
33. (hitting A) Sack 5/13/2012
Best Poem of Rich Downes

(hitting A) Sack

Gone with such empty devotion
Guts are filled with doubt
But I know you don't do any respect
For you leave this town
But I know that I cannot yet stay
Guys in this old eon
Guess you ignore my letter
How you'll always cause doubt

Left on this run
Hitting a sack
Even if it's every eon
As there's nothing like combat
For you leave me feeling like that of so sore
For we never can interact
Left on this run
Hitting a sack

A time leaves with nothin'
For these old secrets
Get me wondering about a season
Left tired of every test
For the...

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(feelin') The Strain

Fighting against the old way you'll make me seethe
Fighting against the old way you'll make me seethe

Even though now I'm so sad
The way I'm not glad
Even though I'm left so curled
At the moment I do twirl
The time leaves no say
With prices that I can't pay

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