Treasure Island

riya misi

[misiriya] (coimbatore)

Poems of riya misi

1. Chocolate 12/19/2013
2. Dreaming Of You - Mom 11/19/2013
3. Examination 9/22/2013
4. Happy Birthday 4/11/2014
5. If You Are With Me 11/14/2013
6. My First Love 6/23/2014
7. My Teacher 9/21/2013
8. Nature Or Me? 9/21/2013
9. OMG! What Is This All About 1/4/2014
10. Oozing Of My Heart 1/28/2014
11. Secret Of Love 12/5/2013
12. When Choosen 11/19/2013
13. When Words Are Thorns 1/18/2014
14. Who Am I? 9/21/2013
15. Why Am I Still An Angel 10/23/2013

Why Am I Still An Angel

Oh! My little princess why without your veil
It hurts when you look so pale
Why do you sit so sadly
En what made you feel so badly

Oh! My dear dad love me thy no more
For I’m not the goddess of little things any more
Im a innocent lost child
That makes me go wild

[Hata Bildir]