Rose Hartwick Thorpe

(1850 - 1939)

Rose Hartwick Thorpe Poems

1. How The Flowers Came 7/21/2014
2. A Brave Emperor 7/21/2014
3. Kisses 7/21/2014
4. The Little Bells 7/21/2014
5. The Last Night 7/21/2014
6. Margaret 7/21/2014
7. The Queen And The Beggar's Child 7/21/2014
8. Preface To Ringing Ballads 7/21/2014
9. Love's Avowal 7/21/2014
10. Lost At Sea 7/21/2014
11. Down The Track 7/21/2014
12. Remember The Alamo 7/21/2014
13. The Luck Of Muncaster 7/21/2014
14. In Answer 7/21/2014
15. The Soldier's Reprieve 7/21/2014
16. Two Pictures 7/21/2014
17. In The Mining Town 7/21/2014
18. The Station Agent's Story 7/21/2014
19. Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight 7/18/2014
Best Poem of Rose Hartwick Thorpe

Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight

Slowly England's sun was setting o'er the hilltops far away,
Filling all the land with beauty at the close of one sad day;
And its last rays kissed the forehead of a man and maiden fair―
He with steps so slow and weary; she with sunny, floating hair;
He with bowed head, sad and thoughtful, she, with lips all cold and white,
Struggling to keep back the murmur, 'Curfew must not ring tonight!'

'Sexton,' Bessie's white lips faltered, pointing to the prison old,
With its walls tall and gloomy, moss-grown walls dark, damp and cold ―
'I've a lover in the prison, doomed...

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A Brave Emperor

Night rolled its sombre curtain back
To greet the dawning day,
Black swept the angry Danube
On its terror-freighted way.
Great blocks of ice came crashing down
Amid the torrent's roar,
And seething waters flung their spray
Upon the ice-bound shore.

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