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Poems of salma. torrez

1. أ ب ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ي my Father. 5/3/2011
2. 21st century cries. 10/18/2010
3. Alexandria Egypt. 8/9/2011
4. Answer 4/21/2012
5. Answer to loss. 9/7/2010
6. Arabian Nights 3/13/2011
7. As She Cried the Melody of Her Aching Heart All Alone She Dies 8/24/2011
8. at your convenience 11/24/2012
9. Be a man. 9/13/2009
10. Birds conversion 5/18/2011
11. Blue Tit In My Garden 3/19/2014
12. Butterfly Roses To Kick. 2/17/2014
13. Captivated 3/27/2011
14. Definitely walk. 12/14/2010
15. Don't blink don't blink don't blink. 3/28/2011
16. Egyption faith will set as free. 2/5/2011
17. Ever 7/13/2011
18. Gossip Gossip Gossip 10/28/2011
19. Habibi written on her lips 10/29/2011
20. Heart eye tears 9/23/2013

prisoner's of love.

We were secretly loves, but forbidden to be together.
Then i asked why? ....his not from the same class girl you are not to see each other.
sad and lonely i closed my eyes walking through the meadow.
Then i heard my name.yes it was him we kissed made love we laugh and we cried? .
The reason is we are a prisoner's of love.why?
Because we were caught by our shadow! ! !
Written by Salma Torrez.

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