Samah Khan

Samah Khan Poems

1. the fear of fear 12/14/2007
2. I have forsaken both rest and peace 7/29/2008
3. Brown hair and green eyes 10/7/2007
4. Secrets 10/7/2007
5. death is such sweet sorrow 12/14/2007
6. I wish I were beautiful 1/28/2012
7. I loved you 4/21/2009
8. The Final Farewell (last piece of writing for life) 5/22/2009
9. dearly beloved (write to me) 12/14/2007
10. The audacity to hope 7/28/2010
11. Freedom, what is your cage? 1/28/2012
12. infertility of life 9/29/2007
13. bleeding earth 9/29/2007
14. one true love 9/29/2007
15. prayer of the leaf 9/29/2007
16. will you 9/29/2007
17. my fight against darkness 10/6/2007
18. No tears left to cry by 10/9/2007
19. Without You 12/10/2007
20. Pain is a plenty harried thing 12/10/2007

bleeding earth

The war cry sounds across the land,
The hills tremor with fear, melting the sand,
No animal strays, nor walks a man,
When the battle cry sounds across the land

The horses bolt like lightening in squalor,
The sun hides its face and turns its back to the horror,
The wet armor and swords clash in desperate furor
As roaring demons shriek in anguish (and on they holler and holler)

[Hata Bildir]