Treasure Island

Samah Khan

Poems of Samah Khan

1. ~~~ Hundredth Death ~~~ 2/22/2010
2. Adichia 12/14/2007
3. All I ever wanted to be was someone like her 1/28/2012
4. And here I am again 7/28/2010
5. As If We Never Were 9/3/2009
6. bleeding earth 9/29/2007
7. blind, deaf and dead 12/14/2007
8. Break me 7/29/2008
9. Brown hair and green eyes 10/7/2007
10. catastrophe (acrostic) 12/14/2007
11. Child, go to sleep 7/29/2008
12. come back, sweet child 7/28/2010
13. Dear Champion of My Heart 8/7/2010
14. dearly beloved (write to me) 12/14/2007
15. death is a good salesman 12/14/2007
16. death is such sweet sorrow 12/14/2007
17. Death of Loyalty (Benevolent Scavengers) 4/21/2009
18. Don't Look Out the Window 8/30/2010
19. forgive me, love 12/14/2007
20. Freedom, what is your cage? 1/28/2012

infertility of life

The barrenness of life strangles me with its force,
Its ineptitude to gratify my appetite speaks of the misfortunes I’ve had;
Life has neither offered be friendship nor enmity
But has borne wilted flowers, and fruit gone bad

Life treats me as if I were abducted,
A kidnapped soul to be deprived food of the flesh and food of the mind,
There are roads and valleys and crosses and bridges
But I can seek only solace, but rarely solace I find

[Hata Bildir]