Samantha Ngoe

Rookie (11-12-97 / Riverdale MD)

Samantha Ngoe Poems

1. Your Not Died Until 10/19/2009
2. Is Blood Really Red 10/19/2009
3. Blackout 10/19/2009
4. All I That Happened 10/19/2009
5. Really 10/20/2009
6. Im Down 10/26/2009
7. Be My Everything 10/26/2009
8. Life Alone 10/27/2009
9. You May Think 10/28/2009
10. I'M Back 11/5/2009
11. Special 11/5/2009
12. What Love Maybe 9/27/2009
13. Im Thinking About You 9/27/2009
14. Its 2 Quite 10/8/2009
15. Love Sick 10/8/2009
16. You Where There 10/19/2009
17. You Are Not The Best 10/19/2009
18. That Color Means 9/23/2009
19. My Words 9/23/2009
Best Poem of Samantha Ngoe

My Words

My words are like differnt tpye of of seeds changing in pretty flowers

As small as they are thats how much they mean something

As big as they are thats how much they mean nothing

As i write my words out my thoughts and feelings are in them

So if its sad im sad

So if its happy im happy

Read the poem closey u learn something you dont noe


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That Color Means

The color that i hate the most is red because,
as someone get shot you see blood.

The color that i like the most is white or sky blue because,
as you dream you dream of soft colors.

The color that i don't care about the most is yellow beacuse,
it shows the pain and sorrow from people.

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