Savannah Allison

(August 21 1990)

Poems of Savannah Allison

21. Fighter 1/18/2007
22. Girl In The Shadows 1/11/2007
23. God Favors Us. 12/22/2008
24. Goodbye. 5/20/2009
25. Grace shall follow me. 12/21/2008
26. Guardian Angel 1/18/2007
27. Halo 5/16/2007
28. Happy Birthday! 3/6/2008
29. Hating Myself 1/11/2007
30. Heaven 1/13/2007
31. I Hate That I Love You 2/24/2008
32. I Hate Your Friend. 12/24/2008
33. I Hope 1/10/2007
34. Icicles 1/10/2007
35. If You Dont Want Me To Stay {For Adam} 12/24/2008
36. Its Easier Than You Think. 8/19/2008
37. Little Noah 12/22/2008
38. Midnight Flight 1/12/2007
39. Midnight Whispers 1/11/2007
40. Music In the Night 1/11/2007

A Dedication: To Ethan

We waited and prayed for well over a year, for a wonderful outcome that would never be here, You were so strong, but your reward did come, i wondered why God let you fight so hard, just to take you away, your reward shouldve been to live, to stay.

But now I wonder and a new thought awakes, my heart begins to mend instead of break, your reward was not to live on earth for a short time, but to live forever in heaven, and feel no pain, have no worries, help pour out the rain,

So my dear cous

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