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nine plates of my total trust
nine plates of my eternal love
all to you i'll serve forever
to my moon, my goddess, my dove
my voice is lost in endless night
you, the moon, spark my fight
the battle within to tell you all
theirs our winning, mine will fall
to the floor to lay in dirt
my secrets within excite the hurt
secrets screaming to get out
all to you, i have no doubt
you are the moon, way out there
i want you here, it's just not fair

a beacon of trust i hope you'll give
for me to see so i can live
when were apart my heart is ...

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Capital Pun Is Meant

where is she that knows my mind so well
one in the same in this lonely hell
marks for the con-men, the pawns, the shells
played by ignorance right into this cell

i wonder where in the world could be
such a sight as me and she
perfect lovers meant to be
once were two... but now it seems three

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