Sebastien St. Fellmore

Sebastien St. Fellmore Poems

1. Why Do Titles Matter So Much? 5/1/2008
2. Title-less Titled Work 5/3/2008
3. I Just Can't Name Them 5/3/2008
4. German Radio Shows 5/3/2008
5. Miscalculations 5/3/2008
6. Melissa In Me 5/7/2008
7. Tide On The Glorious Ocean That's Pulling Me In 5/7/2008
8. Titleless Titled Work 5/14/2008
9. I Just Can't Title The Titleless 5/16/2008
10. No No No No To Titles 5/21/2008
11. No No No No No To Titles 5/21/2008
12. No No No No No To Titles (Still) 5/21/2008
13. I Saw Her 3/6/2008
14. What Name? 3/8/2008
15. Capital Pun Is Meant 3/11/2008
16. No Title Necessary 3/11/2008
17. This Isn't A Title 3/12/2008
18. What's With Needing Titles For All My Poems, Eh? 3/15/2008
19. M.J. Une 3/17/2008
20. The Young Ones 3/17/2008

Capital Pun Is Meant

where is she that knows my mind so well
one in the same in this lonely hell
marks for the con-men, the pawns, the shells
played by ignorance right into this cell

i wonder where in the world could be
such a sight as me and she
perfect lovers meant to be
once were two... but now it seems three

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