Shalom Freedman

Gold Star - 10,639 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

2761. There Is The Time For A Poem 2/18/2015
2762. There Is Time And More Time 6/26/2015
2763. There Is Time/Endless Time 2/25/2014
2764. There Is Too Much Beauty 8/13/2008
2765. There Is Too Much Of Myself 5/20/2012
2766. There Is Too Much Pain In The World 9/5/2016
2767. There Is Too Much That Will Never Be Again 3/22/2015
2768. There Is Too Much To Remember 11/12/2014
2769. There Is Work To Do 7/13/2016
2770. There Must Be A Poem For The Open Road 2/24/2012
2771. There Must Be More To Literature Than Poetry 2/11/2015
2772. There Should Have Been More Poems Of Gratitude And Joy 11/1/2012
2773. There Was A Poem About Poetry 10/2/2011
2774. There Was A Poem Even God Could Not Understand 6/6/2008
2775. There Was A Poem I Waited To Be Inspired By 11/9/2011
2776. There Was A Poem I Wrote Long Ago 9/11/2016
2777. There Was A Poem I Wrote Yesterday 3/27/2008
2778. There Was A Poem Long Ago 6/5/2008
2779. There Was A Poem/ Written Long Ago 11/11/2008
2780. There Was A Poet Whose Only Reading Was Poetry 7/27/2013
2781. There Was A Time / When Poetry Was The Poet's Only Life 6/22/2009
2782. There Was A Time When The Poems Came Down 3/19/2014
2783. There Was No Place To Go But A Poem 3/20/2016
2784. There Was Nothing Left To Write 2/14/2012
2785. There Were So Many Great Things 1/27/2013
2786. There Were So Many Things To Be Said 8/23/2015
2787. There Will Always Be Another Poem 9/16/2014
2788. There Will Come A Day / When I No Longer Write 3/15/2010
2789. There Will Never Be A Poem Again 8/4/2013
2790. These Are The Poems That Only I Am 11/11/2010
2791. These Cold Grey Winter Days 1/7/2013
2792. These Lines Are My Trying For Today 10/29/2008
2793. These Little Poems Are All I Can Write Now 4/8/2010
2794. These Long Inside Cold Winter Days 1/26/2016
2795. These Older People Than Old Me 9/15/2016
2796. These Poems Are For Me My Deepest Poetry 5/22/2013
2797. These Poems Say 'Who I Am' 1/18/2010
2798. These Poems These Songs This Beauty This Life 11/24/2008
2799. These Poems This Life 6/26/2008
2800. These Words Too Say What Love Was 1/30/2012
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

The Beauty Of A Poem

The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life
The beauty which makes us want to live life more
The beauty which pains us inside
The beauty in longing.
The beauty we come upon by surprise
The beauty of the day and the beauty of the night
The beauty we all have inside us
The beauty we can see and feel and never explain
The beauty that lifts us up
The beauty that makes us want to live more
The beauty that makes us reach out to God
The beauty we want to thank God for
The beauty of lilacs
The beauty of autumn ...

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I Go On In Old Age

I go on in old age
I am going on
There is beauty and light and music and love
There is kindness and caring and faith
There is loyalty and trust
There is giving to others
And people who are truly good
I go on
There is much good in the world

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