Shalom Freedman

Gold Star - 11,310 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

3161. When The Murderers Return To Gaza 10/17/2011
3162. When The Need To Write Poetry 11/6/2012
3163. When The Pain You Imagined 1/5/2011
3164. When The Poem Came 6/12/2013
3165. When The Poem Comes 5/23/2011
3166. When The Poem Is Not Written 12/29/2008
3167. When The Poem Returns Life Returns 2/26/2012
3168. When The Poems Go 5/25/2014
3169. When The Time Came To Be Happy Again 2/20/2014
3170. When There Is No Hope And Nothing To Hope For 7/6/2014
3171. When There Is No Light 1/3/2010
3172. When There Is No One Else 1/28/2011
3173. When There Is No Way Out 11/16/2014
3174. When There Is Nothing To Say 9/2/2013
3175. When There Is Only Despair 2/15/2014
3176. When They Deny 'You' 1/25/2010
3177. When Things Are Not Going Right 6/12/2014
3178. When We See The Young As We Once Were 8/17/2011
3179. When We Were Young 7/21/2008
3180. When We Were Young/ It Was Another World 9/4/2008
3181. When You Are Depressed About Being Old 6/17/2013
3182. When You Are Old 3/12/2016
3183. When You Cannot Help The Person You Most Want To Help 11/1/2014
3184. When You Know There Is A Poem Within You 5/21/2010
3185. When You Need To Begin Again 11/22/2014
3186. Whenever I Am Lost And Alone 4/10/2016
3187. Where Am I In My Loneliness? 12/7/2011
3188. Where Am I Now In This World Of 'Only Alone' 12/13/2011
3189. Where Am I Now? /Lost In The Sleepless Loneliness Of The Night 11/26/2013
3190. Where Am I With All This Lostness In Me? 8/31/2010
3191. Where Are The Lines I Wrote? 5/17/2009
3192. Where Are The Moments Of Beauty And Deepest Feeling 5/30/2012
3193. Where Are The Poems Of Serving G-D With Joy? 9/7/2015
3194. Where Are The Poems? 4/27/2012
3195. Where Are The Words? 8/26/2013
3196. Where Are We In This Too Large Universe? 8/29/2010
3197. Where Do The Poets End And The Would- Be Poets Begin? 12/30/2011
3198. Where Does A Poem Begin? 3/12/2008
3199. Where God Loves Us 4/16/2011
3200. Where Has It Gone? 2/22/2009
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

The Beauty Of A Poem

The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life
The beauty which makes us want to live life more
The beauty which pains us inside
The beauty in longing.
The beauty we come upon by surprise
The beauty of the day and the beauty of the night
The beauty we all have inside us
The beauty we can see and feel and never explain
The beauty that lifts us up
The beauty that makes us want to live more
The beauty that makes us reach out to God
The beauty we want to thank God for
The beauty of lilacs
The beauty of autumn ...

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Words Against Death


All the immortals are moral:
Tubercular Kafka spared Treblinka
Lunatic Nietzsche banging a piano to oblivion
Great Tolstoy escaping to a railroad coach,
Gentle Yeats frigid at Ben Bulben.

What lives is a work and that imperfectly:

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