Shalom Freedman

Gold Star - 9,669 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

3161. Which Dreams Are The Saddest 5/23/2012
3162. Which Poems Are True And Which Poems Only A Story? 5/29/2012
3163. White Rose 11/28/2011
3164. Who Can Answer Who Can Question Who Can Know? 6/14/2009
3165. Who Can Bear In Old Age The Despair Of Friends Sick And Lost? 7/4/2011
3166. Who Can I Complain To? 10/15/2014
3167. Who Can See And Feel / The Trees As They Are 9/16/2009
3168. Who Can Tell All The Moods Of A Single Life And Love? 11/8/2011
3169. Who Can Write A Poem 5/3/2008
3170. Who Can Write A Poem At The Beginning Of The Day 6/19/2014
3171. Who Can Write A Poem In The Middle Of The Night 4/28/2012
3172. Who Is Afraid Of The Fading Of The Yellows And The Greens 5/24/2010
3173. Who Is God, That God Needs To Be Praised? 2/2/2009
3174. Who Is There Left To Remember? 2/9/2008
3175. Who Knows All The Sadnesses That Death Brings 8/5/2012
3176. Who Knows How A Depression Ended Today? 6/19/2012
3177. Who Knows Where In This Impossible Life 12/1/2008
3178. Who Knows Where The Poem Begins? 12/8/2010
3179. Who Knows Why I Will Ever Be 4/8/2008
3180. Who Loved And Was Truly Loved Once 12/5/2011
3181. Who Needs Another Complaint? 8/13/2009
3182. Who To Blame But Myself? 6/26/2010
3183. Who Wants War? 11/14/2012
3184. Who Will Our Ultimate Heirs Be? 8/12/2010
3185. Who Will Speak For The Helpless And Hopeless? 7/7/2008
3186. Who You Are 4/23/2013
3187. Whole Worlds Have Been Destroyed 1/25/2013
3188. Whose Words These Are Only God Knows 8/1/2011
3189. Why A World 4/24/2008
3190. Why Always Are We The Ones To Blame? 6/2/2010
3191. Why Am I So Happy Sometimes? 1/19/2014
3192. Why Am I So Lonely? 5/21/2012
3193. Why Am I So Much More Happy In My Old Age 1/13/2016
3194. Why Can'T I Simply Retire In Quiet? 6/17/2010
3195. Why Can'T They Leave God Alone? 11/28/2011
3196. Why Did God Have To Rest From Creation 9/8/2013
3197. Why Do I Go On In My Sorrow? 8/7/2010
3198. Why Do I Love The Morning So? 1/1/2012
3199. Why Do I Need Another Poem? 3/24/2015
3200. Why Do I Need These Few Lines So? 10/16/2008
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

The Beauty Of A Poem

The beauty of a poem
The beauty of music
The beauty of light
The beauty of life
The beauty which makes us want to live life more
The beauty which pains us inside
The beauty in longing.
The beauty we come upon by surprise
The beauty of the day and the beauty of the night
The beauty we all have inside us
The beauty we can see and feel and never explain
The beauty that lifts us up
The beauty that makes us want to live more
The beauty that makes us reach out to God
The beauty we want to thank God for
The beauty of lilacs
The beauty of autumn ...

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