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Sharron Stephenson Poems

121. Sing A Smile 8/5/2011
122. Sleep Of Fire 7/5/2011
123. Staff And Friends 7/6/2011
124. Step And Blood 8/2/2016
125. Sunshine And Cracks 8/14/2011
126. Take The 7/15/2011
127. Teenage Arrows 2/8/2012
128. The Arrows Of Love 7/5/2011
129. The Battle Field 6/19/2012
130. The Child Of The Wind 7/28/2011
131. The Clouded Devil 10/1/2011
132. The Colours 7/4/2011
133. The Crisscross Papers 1/14/2012
134. The Danger Ahead 1/22/2012
135. The Deepest Journey 7/6/2011
136. The Dignity So Strong 7/27/2011
137. The Drugged Plight 6/14/2012
138. The Eye Of The Golden Touch 7/3/2011
139. The Eyes Of Endenvour 10/8/2011
140. The Eyes Of Friends 7/3/2011
141. The Fear Of Good 8/14/2011
142. The Glass Of The World 7/31/2011
143. The Golden Friendship 6/28/2012
144. The Golden Voice 7/28/2011
145. The Heart In The Mirror 9/28/2011
146. The Heart Of Nature 7/28/2011
147. The Heart That Dances 8/12/2011
148. The Heat Of The Barrier 6/19/2012
149. The Horzion Of Dreams 9/7/2011
150. The Limits Of Trust 9/3/2011
151. The Lost Word 7/7/2011
152. The Love For Yesterday 7/8/2011
153. The Mind In Two 8/1/2011
154. The Mountain Chest 7/25/2011
155. The New Year 10/7/2011
156. The Ocean Soul 7/25/2011
157. The Outside 8/29/2011
158. The Pain Switch 7/10/2011
159. The Parting Song 8/1/2011
160. The Past Of Waves Of Life 7/30/2012
Best Poem of Sharron Stephenson

A Child Inside

i have a burning feeling inside,
like i am been torn apart,
the pain is unbearable,
the flashbacks are the worst,
nightmares are taken the toll on me,
i wish it was all gone there,
are times like now when i wish i was never,

is this due to the feeling i was to blame?
this was all my fault,
he kept saying to me. if i told they would,
not belive me,
and i would be taking away,

could i have dealt? with all the problems,
in a driffrent way,
all this is wrong,

i feel like i what to die right now,

i need help ...

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Angels And Lies

To let your heart run free,
take a look at what is around,
search your mind and soul,
fake or true a smile can brighter,
any day,
friends, strangers or family can say a lie,
truth of the matter is what you believe,
past present or the future makes you,
who you are,

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