sherif monem

Veteran Poet - 1,114 Points (Egypt)

sherif monem Poems

1. I Have Abandoned My Love To You 6/29/2008
2. Twinkle Twinke Little Stars 6/30/2008
3. All Together Jump 7/2/2008
4. Kiss Me Goodbye 7/11/2008
5. Hold Me Tighter 7/11/2008
6. A Bank Teller Name Crystal 7/15/2008
7. My Heart Is Catching Fire 7/15/2008
8. Cast Your Sorrows Away 7/15/2008
9. The Wedding Night Party 7/16/2008
10. Traveling Life Fast Lane 7/17/2008
11. Game Of Love 7/20/2008
12. The World Of Love 7/21/2008
13. University Of Love 7/23/2008
14. Maze Of Life 7/26/2008
15. Your Love Is Drizzle 7/26/2008
16. Kiss Me Before You Leave Me 7/30/2008
17. Jenny Is Honey 8/2/2008
18. Viola Hungry For Love 8/4/2008
19. Resurrection Of The Dead Fantasy 8/4/2008
20. Raining In My Heart 8/4/2008
21. The Invasion Of The Earth Fantasy 8/6/2008
22. The Girl From The Bronx County 8/7/2008
23. I Love You In Neon Light 8/11/2008
24. Running From My Shadow 8/12/2008
25. I Want You Be Mine 8/12/2008
26. Strawberry And Orange 8/13/2008
27. Fighting Death 8/24/2008
28. Shasha Love Game 8/25/2008
29. I Am Sorry Darling 8/28/2008
30. Shasha And Jiji 8/29/2008
31. When I Am Gone 9/4/2008
32. I Love Your Avatar 9/7/2008
33. Rainy And Thunderous Night 9/8/2008
34. The Shadow Of Your Smile 9/11/2008
35. I Surrendered My Heart To You 9/13/2008
36. I Love Kristi 9/14/2008
37. Kiss Me At Your Own Risk 9/15/2008
38. Nature Love 9/19/2008
39. The Girls From Ghana 9/20/2008
40. Is Somebody There In Universe? 9/21/2008
Best Poem of sherif monem

Our Wedding Bells

Wedding Night
In our wedding night
I saw the bright stars
Promising us happiness
Through the days to come
My bride I adore you
You have all my unbound love
Your shining beauty
Your gleaming eyes
The doors to paradise
Your cheerfulness
Your radiating delight
The candles that will light our way
In the journey of life
The wedding bells
The silver bells chimes
The melodies
Announce the first steps
For joyful future
For a family
For love and romance

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What Is A Kiss?

What is the secret of a kiss?
It is this something you would not miss
When your lips touch your lover's lips
When there is awe and little hiss
When you ascend to heaven and reach the skies
When there is euphoria and you feel so high
The kiss is a boat floating in world of fantasy
You can enjoy at anywhere
Below a tree and at the midst of rivers and plains

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