Sherif Monem

Veteran Poet - 1,224 Points (Egypt)

Sherif Monem Poems

1. A Bank Teller Name Crystal 7/15/2008
2. Adam And Eve Apple Fantasy 11/30/2008
3. Adam And Eve Story Of Love 12/7/2014
4. Adam And Eve Wedding 2/19/2015
5. Albert Einstein Dreams 6/16/2009
6. All Together Jump 7/2/2008
7. All Yellow 2/27/2014
8. Alphabet A Was Once An Apple 7/18/2008
9. American Holidays 10/10/2014
10. Another Day Of Life 5/19/2013
11. Apple A Day 11/29/2008
12. Apples Eia Eia Ooh 10/29/2008
13. Are You Buying Me A Diamond Ring? 8/9/2008
14. At The Deep Of Night 12/1/2008
15. Autumn Months 9/6/2008
16. Beauty 9/7/2013
17. Beauty Not Forever 12/31/2015
18. Beethoven Symphony Eroica 9/22/2008
19. Before You Go Away 11/24/2008
20. California, California 7/16/2009
21. Call Me My Love 5/9/2013
22. Candy Candy Candy 4/6/2013
23. Careful Falling In Love 6/18/2009
24. Cast Your Sorrows Away 7/15/2008
25. Change 7/18/2010
26. Chartering The Future Through The Fog 1/2/2015
27. Chocolate For Lovers 9/13/2008
28. Close The Door 6/29/2008
29. Cold Winter Night 9/11/2012
30. Cry Hubby Cry 8/5/2008
31. Dance Waltz With Me 8/3/2008
32. Dancing In The Moon Light 7/14/2008
33. Darkened Dreams 7/17/2008
34. Darwin 8/31/2009
35. Day At The Beach 9/10/2012
36. Divorce It Is Over 5/28/2009
37. Do Not Cheat On Me 11/11/2008
38. Do You Really Love Me? 7/16/2008
39. Dreams And Beauty 10/24/2008
40. Drink Drink Drink 6/2/2013
Best Poem of Sherif Monem

The Child's Smile

Put smile on the child face
Let it glow and shine
Let it spread happiness around
The child is new member of the human family
The child is born in our world
He and she need to survive and grow
Surrounded with tenderness and care
If the child is hungry he and she will cry
If the child is lonely he and she will cry
They are proud members of the human race
We are the crown of the animal kingdom
We are the most of intellect
of social development and fountain of emotions
Talk to the child and sing
Touch, hug and embrace
Give the child the nourishing ...

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Close The Door

Close the door after me
I will not be coming back again
I will be traveling
in a world of unknown
Flying in darkness
I can't see
My senses will be numb
I will be sinking in oceans
I will revive and float again
I will be twisted around
Vanishing in the space
I will not be coming home again

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