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Poems of sherif monem

161. The Invasion of the Earth Fantasy 8/6/2008
162. The Journey of Life 5/16/2009
163. The Loving Sun 7/30/2009
164. The September Month 9/3/2013
165. The Shadow of Your Smile 9/11/2008
166. The Shredding of JiJi 10/27/2008
167. The Son Travels to Distance Land 12/9/2009
168. The Song of Love 7/1/2008
169. The Stars Of The Sky 9/4/2012
170. The Sunshine after The Rain 10/5/2008
171. The Weeping Rose 10/23/2012
172. The world of love 7/21/2008
173. Time in Our Lives 8/2/2009
174. Traveling Life Fast Lane 7/17/2008
175. Twinkling Twinkiling Little Stars 6/30/2008
176. University of Love 7/23/2008
177. Viola Crushed My Heart 8/1/2008
178. Viola Hungry For Love 8/4/2008
179. Wedding Night Gala 7/16/2008
180. What is a Kiss? 6/29/2008

What is a Kiss?

What is the secret of a kiss?
It is this something you do not miss
When your lips touch your lover's lips
When there is awe and little hiss
When you ascend to heaven and reach the skies
When there is euphoria and you feel so high
The kiss is a boat floating in memory lane
You can enjoy at midst of river and the plain
You can feel it deep and so sweet

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