Treasure Island

Soma Mukherjee

Poems of Soma Mukherjee

1. ' of Chimes and a Gong 5/17/2011
2. A Dead Man Is Always Wrong 6/14/2011
3. A Doubt 7/17/2011
4. A Rose For The Rose 6/16/2011
5. A seasoned weather 5/19/2011
6. A very sad letter 5/19/2011
7. All in Your Faith 7/18/2011
8. An Awakening 7/11/2011
9. An Expensive Dream 7/12/2011
10. An Unnecessary Interruption 5/22/2011
11. August Arch 8/16/2011
12. Autism Child - From The Same God 7/13/2011
13. Autism is.... 6/13/2011
14. Beat The Heat 7/20/2011
15. Beneath All That Cobweb 7/18/2011
16. Best News Channel In The World 5/23/2011
17. Case 001- Humpty Dumpty 5/12/2011
18. Crystal Clear Dreams 7/21/2011
19. Daddy Longlegs 7/29/2011
20. Diary of a perfect man 5/27/2011

Mr. Page

I now present to you the talk of the town Mr. Page
He looks are deceptive, please don't be fooled by his age
He lives alone in a house near to his office in front of a park
He has far too many enemies for he is a loan shark

Before I tell you more let me put a disclaimer
Now days anyone can sue you, even a lamer
So if there is any resemblance with anyone dead or alive
Its a mere coincidence, have checked all archive

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