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In this page, songs on / about “superman” are listed.
  • 1.
    Sunset Superman

    The night has a thousand eyes
    But he moves in only places
    Where the eyes can never be
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  • 2.

    Woke up this morning, started to sneeze
    I had a cigarette and a cup of tea
    I looked in the mirror what did I see
    A nine stone weakling with knobbly knees
    I did my knees bend press ups touch my toes
    I had another sneeze and I blew my nose
    I looked in the mirror at my pigeon chest
    I had to put on my clothes because it made me depressed
    Surely there must be a way
    For me to change the shape I’m in
    Dissatisfied is what I am
    I want to be a better man read more »

  • 3.
    Honky Tonk Superman

    Well, down at the factory, I'm never late
    I'm a mild mannered man who pulls his weight
    I give a hundred percent, I don't ever stop
    'Til Friday evening when I punch that clock
    Then I disappear until the weekend's throught read more »

    Tippin Aaron
  • 4.
    Honky-tonk Superman

    (aaron tippin/buddy brock)

    Well, down at the factory, I’m never late
    I’m a mild mannered man who pulls his weight
    I give a hundred percent, I don’t ever stop
    ’til friday evening when I punch that clock
    Then I disappear until the weekend’s through
    And you’ll never guess who I turn into read more »

    Aaron Tippin
  • 5.

    Superman ist tot
    Holland ist in Not
    Ich koch meine eig'ne Suppe
    Alles wie gewohnt
    Superman ist tot read more »

    Westernhagen Marius
  • 6.

    i have tried
    to make the best of everything
    but i still cry
    when i think about what might've been
    no one can say read more »

    Marry Me Jane
  • 7.

    I’m lookin’ for someone who can made me feel
    A serious love like juliet’s is real
    A little impulsive and a boy at heart
    A little bit shy but he’ll be oh so smart read more »

    Alanis Morissette
  • 8.
    To Be Superman

    oh - would you like to take a walk?
    oh - maybe have a drink and talk.
    oh - that's the way things used to be read more »

    Pan Npat
  • 9.

    Superman, Superman, crunchy little Superman
    Found you in a Corn Flakes box
    Nourished you in privacy
    Touched the parts you couldn't reach
    You improved immediately read more »

    Hitchcock Robyn And The Egyptians
  • 10.
    Le Fils De Superman

    Tout comme son pere
    Le petit Jean-Pierre
    Etait un fan
    Un fan de Superman

    Just like his father
    The little Jean-Pierre
    Was a fan
    A Superman fan
    Il collectionnait
    Toutes les bandes dessinees
    Ou il pouvait voir son heros
    Voler comme un oiseau

    He collected
    All the cartoons
    Where he could se his hero
    Fly like a bird
    Jean-Pierre devait avoir huit ans hier
    Et ses parents en etaient tellement fiers
    Qu'ils deciderent de faire
    Pour son anniversaire
    Un voyage eclair a New York
    La ville de Superman

    Jean-Pierre should have had eight years yeasterday
    And his parent were very proud of him
    That they decided to do
    For his birthday
    A short trip to New York
    Superman's town
    De leur chambre d'hotel
    Au cinquantieme etage du Waldorf
    La vue etait si belle
    Que leur premiere soiree
    Ils la passerent a regarder
    Les lumieres de Manhattan
    Le lendemain

    In their hotel room
    On Waldorf's fiftieth floor
    The view was so beautiful
    That their first evening
    They spent it looking
    At Manhattan's lights
    The day after
    Ils marcherent sur Broadway
    Main dans la main
    Comme dans un conte de fees
    Et dans un magasin
    Ou l'on vend de tout de rien
    Jean-Pierre se fit offrir par son pere
    Un costume de Superman

    They have walked on Broadway
    Hand in hand
    Like in a fairytale
    And in a store
    Where we sell everything and nothing
    Jean-Pierre had his father buy him
    A Superman costume
    Des ce soir-la
    Il voulu le porter
    Comme pyjama
    Pour pouvoir mieux rever
    Mais quand ses parents
    Se furent endormis
    Tout pres de lui dans le grand lit
    Il se leva sans bruit
    Il ouvrit la fenetre
    Et quand il vit apparaitre
    Les lumieres de Manhattan
    Il voulut s'envoler
    Dans la nuit etoilee
    Comme un oiseau qui plane

    On this same night
    He wanted to wear it
    As pijama
    To be able to dream better
    But when his parents
    Were asleep
    All beside him in the large bed
    He stood up without a noise
    He opened the window
    And when he saw
    Manhattan's lights
    He wanted to fly out
    In the starry night
    Like a bird soaring
    C'est justement hier
    Qu'on a porte en terre
    Le fils de Superman

    It's exactly yesterday
    That we buried
    Superman's son read more »

    Celine Dion
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