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81. Like Every Other Street 4/30/2013
82. Let Me Be Lazy 6/8/2013
83. Kent Street 4/28/2013
84. Just To Get On. 3/30/2013
85. Jump Into The Lake. 3/21/2013
86. I'Ve Been Taken Over. 6/24/2013
87. It's Sickening. 4/4/2013
88. It's Not Going Well Right Now. 5/12/2013
89. It's Life, It's Living 5/24/2013
90. It Wont Last Forever. 4/24/2013
91. It Seems I'Ve Got The Block. 6/19/2013
92. Is That What We Have To Look Forward To? 3/20/2013
93. Is It Too Late 3/20/2013
94. Is Death Here? 6/13/2013
95. I'M Not Ready 6/10/2013
96. Im Not A Member Of This Club 3/22/2013
97. I'M Invisible. 5/12/2013
98. I'Ll Just Sit Here Shall I? 3/19/2013
99. I'Ll Do As I Please. 3/20/2013
100. I Remember Them 6/11/2013
101. I Remember Her Chest 4/29/2013
102. I Need To Take A Walk. 3/28/2013
103. I Might Be Wrong. 5/13/2013
104. I Love Them All 5/22/2013
105. I Hate These Poeple. 4/3/2013
106. I Hate The Sun 7/7/2013
107. I Hate Saturdays. 4/13/2013
108. I Don'T Belong 5/20/2013
109. I Can'T Keep It Up. 5/14/2013
110. I Can See The Future. 3/22/2013
111. Hunter Thompson Controlled Madness. 3/25/2013
112. How Did This Happen. 5/18/2013
113. Get Messed Up. 7/22/2013
114. Full Of Ideas. 4/11/2013
115. For The Love Of Drink. 4/24/2013
116. Figure It Out 5/15/2013
117. Fall Of The Edge 5/17/2013
118. Enough Is Enough 4/29/2013
119. Enjoying Life. 5/15/2013
120. Early Mornings 7/29/2013
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Dont Regret.

Dont regret
dont ever let your mind hang on to the past
always move forward
always look ahead
never turn your head and regrett.

Always remember
the future is always more thrilling
even if mistakes are made
it's always better to keep on moving
never look back in regret
just remember it was an experience.

It's worth every mistake to gain wisdom
regrett will always keep you in the same place
if you keep looking back with regret
you will never move forward
never forget the past
but dont hold on to the mistakes.

Always keep your eyes ...

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We Are In Control.

We are in control
dont worry we have everything under control
go back to bed and dream
we are in control
we are in control.

Do as we tell you
you are free to choose
do as we tell you

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