Steven Reeve

Steven Reeve Poems

1. They Shall Despise Thee For My Name: 9/18/2010
2. Shoa: The Holocaust 9/18/2010
3. There Is No God 9/18/2010
4. Darkness 9/18/2010
5. The White Man Came: 9/18/2010
6. Listen: 9/19/2010
7. Sweet Child 9/21/2010
8. A Pillar Of Smoke, A Pillar Of Fire 9/21/2010
9. David And Goliath 9/21/2010
10. Prepare Ye The Highway 9/21/2010
11. The Measure Of A Love Profound. 9/21/2010
12. Who Can Prevail 9/21/2010
13. This Is Who You Are 9/21/2010
14. When I Awake In The Morning 9/21/2010
15. This Is The Moment 9/21/2010
16. Look 9/21/2010
17. You Are The Reason 9/21/2010
18. Other Places 9/26/2010
19. Another Sunny Afternoon 10/4/2010
20. Politicians 10/8/2010
21. Unrequited Love 10/8/2010
22. Butterfly 10/9/2010
23. A New World Order 10/15/2010
24. Friends 10/19/2010
25. Draw Near 10/19/2010
26. I Know You Are With Me 10/19/2010
27. Treasure 10/19/2010
28. In The Beginning: 10/19/2010
29. You Are Not Just A City. 10/19/2010
30. Remembrance 11/22/2010
31. Do You Not See Him 12/6/2010
32. Come Follow Me: 12/10/2010
33. The Assassins Song 9/18/2010
34. Words Of Fire 10/19/2010
35. Saved, Always Saved 9/21/2010
36. The Matador 9/18/2010
37. Israel, Israel 9/18/2010
38. A Mothers Tears 9/18/2010
39. A Sons Love 9/18/2010
40. A Poem For Passover 9/21/2010
Best Poem of Steven Reeve

A Poem For Passover

Born a carpenter,
He died a King,
With His blood,
He cancelled our sin.

Betrayed by a friend,
The Devil did send,
Before the Roman He was brought,
Because of the love He taught.

Are you a king, they did say? ,
I AM what I AM He did pray,
Mocked and stripped,
Beaten and whipped.

They carried Him to death,
On the third day He took breath,
From the tomb He took His leave,
So that all could believe.

To Heaven He did rise,
Where he received his prize,
Seated at His Fathers right hand,
Soon to judge the whole...

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There Is No God

There is no God, some do say,
But, Well, I think another way,
When I view the colors of the morning sky,
So beautiful and bright, I know why,
For therein I see the hand of the Creator,
He who formed me, my Lord and Maker,
And when the sun shines bright,
It reminds me that on the throne of my heart, he sits by right.

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