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1. Butterfly 12/6/2013
2. Vulture 12/7/2013
3. Trick 12/8/2013
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5. Robbery 12/22/2013
6. Question No. Fish 1/11/2014
7. Sun Set 8/3/2014
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9. The Love Level 8/7/2014
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13. Time Tale 12/6/2015
14. I Remember A Tree In Past 12/14/2015
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16. Tomorrow Poem 3/13/2016
17. A Rat In Poem 3/13/2016
18. Brain Tortoise 3/12/2015
19. Time Sense 3/12/2015
20. Candle Light And Moon 1/29/2014
21. A Secret Age 10/4/2015
22. The Story Of Fairy 1/29/2014
23. Home 3/26/2015
24. Angry Bird 1/31/2014
Best Poem of sudhanshu shekhar

Angry Bird

Angry birds are navel ship,
Wait a matter, go in selfish manner,
On some keen, flyes in tale,
Stolen word, angry bird,
Treat as tar, on pie r,
That's the theme, virtually on him.

When I go to sleep, it flyes,
Oh, shut up angry bird,
Again it thinks,
When I ask -
Are you lost your mind?
Then talk nonsense,
Now I can't tolerate,
I created a magical slap,
Then she flew in my closed dream,
Far from me, forever!

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When the brave prince will rule over this beautiful planet,
When I will talk with the star,
When I will not say lie to anyone,
When the creator's creation will compel me to write,
When I have my all occasion,
When my heart will filled with red wine,
Then I will create a story,
The story of a god,
The story on flower, fairy, and the mud island,

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