Tamell Bailey

(September 2,1983 / Queens, NY)

Poems of Tamell Bailey

1. All Of My Heart 9/20/2009
2. Becoming A Man 9/20/2009
3. Financial Destitution 9/20/2009
4. Hey Fat Man 9/20/2009
5. I CAN 9/20/2009
6. Lost Friends 1/25/2010
7. Saved 9/6/2011
8. She 9/20/2009
9. Thank you for B-dizing Me 11/17/2009
10. THE Battle 10/5/2009
11. The Wonderful Devil 1/24/2010
12. White and Black and... 10/24/2009
13. You ARE A Woman :) 9/20/2009

Becoming A Man

Thought I was a man when i was just a boy
Using women for what i wanted like they were toys
Now i know i was wrong, and they deserve respect
I use to try to control, but now i lead instead
Women follow me easily because i am the truth
Don't be afraid to follow, we are adults, not youth
It's not a sign of weakness, just of women and men
I take the blame for the good and bad times till the end
A man's word is his bond, so if i said it i meant it

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