Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

(2-4-93 / Louisville, Colorado)

Poems of Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

1. A Velvet Divorce 10/26/2010
2. An Untitled Experiment 10/25/2010
3. Book of Life 11/20/2010
4. Crying In The Night 5/7/2012
5. Earth and Storm 10/29/2010
6. Four Years, Five Elements 11/5/2010
7. Goals 11/5/2010
8. Hope of those a drift 10/23/2010
9. I Will Not Give In 5/7/2012
10. In The Wrong Era 10/24/2010
11. Inner Child {part one} 11/4/2010
12. Inner Child {part three} 11/5/2010
13. Inner Child {part two} 11/5/2010
14. Lies 11/1/2010
15. Nemesis 11/7/2010
16. On My Side (and yours too!) 10/21/2010
17. Pearls or Roses? 10/16/2010
18. Rebirth of a Nation! 10/24/2010
19. The Dance 5/7/2012
20. The Dragon and The Phoenix (version one) 10/24/2010

In The Wrong Era

In the Wrong Era
April 11,2008
As we stand at the edge of the sea with the winds off the ocean blowing through our hair, we know inside that we were supposed to be in a nobler time. A time now considered obsolete, primitive, hard. Yet, we long for the time of heroes and heroines, the time of great deeds done for all the people, by those of honor who were great in heart and mind.
Yet we were born in a time when deeds are not for all, but only the
few. We know inside that the world should have

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