Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

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Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk Poems

1. The Writer And The Soldier 10/23/2010
2. Hope Of Those A Drift 10/23/2010
3. In The Wrong Era 10/24/2010
4. On My Side (And Yours Too!) 10/21/2010
5. The Grand Design 10/21/2010
6. The Dragon And The Phoenix (Version Two) : 10/24/2010
7. Unspoken Heart Song 10/24/2010
8. An Untitled Experiment 10/25/2010
9. A Velvet Divorce 10/26/2010
10. Earth And Storm 10/29/2010
11. Lies 11/1/2010
12. Inner Child {part One} 11/4/2010
13. Four Years, Five Elements 11/5/2010
14. Inner Child {part Three} 11/5/2010
15. Inner Child {part Two} 11/5/2010
16. Book Of Life 11/20/2010
17. The Dance 5/7/2012
18. I Will Not Give In 5/7/2012
19. Crying In The Night 5/7/2012
20. What News? 1/9/2013
21. Toss And Turn 1/11/2013
22. Nemesis 11/7/2010
23. Rebirth Of A Nation! 10/24/2010
24. Goals 11/5/2010
25. Wind Horse 11/20/2010
26. Pearls Or Roses? 10/16/2010
27. The Wolf And The Moon 10/23/2010
28. The Dragon And The Phoenix (Version One) 10/24/2010
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The Dragon And The Phoenix (Version One)

The Dragon and The Phoenix (version one) :
The sleeping Tiger lies in a mist, covered in mystery.
Who is he, what is his purpose?
The sleeping Flame lies in a cloud, shrouded by time.
Who is she, what is her purpose?
As the could falls in the night, and mingles in the mist... the Flame touches the Tiger and both awaken. The Flame brightens and swirls around the Tiger, the Tiger roars as the flames engulf him and he transforms into the wise Dragon. The Flame crackles as the Dragon's roar sounds through the night. The crackle becomes a cry of joy as the Dragon breathes a breath...

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Hope Of Those A Drift

A drifter on a sea of others expectations am I.
I know not from whence I came, nor where I go.
But I know where I would like to go, and whom I wish to be with.
When will these rough waters subside?
When will I cease to drift upon this sea of others expectations?
This rift I float on is a dream I hold onto desperately, a dream of a life I wish to live... its, oh, so simple. Why does it seem to be too much to ask for, in all its simplicity?
'What is your dream? ' To watch my children play

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