tony haynes

Rookie (1960 / shreveport louisiana)

tony haynes Poems

1. What Difference Can I Make? (All The Difference In The World) 11/6/2010
2. To Differ 11/6/2010
3. Enlightened In The Backseat Of A Taxi Cab 11/6/2010
4. Give Me A Thing Of Beauty 11/6/2010
5. Light Says Let It Be 11/6/2010
6. Complicated 11/6/2010
7. Rich Beyond Your Dreams 11/6/2010
8. A Wake Up Call 11/6/2010
9. When One Becomes Enlightened 11/6/2010
10. The Process Of Illumination 11/6/2010
11. An Arrow Goes To War 11/6/2010
12. Valerie 11/6/2010
13. God Is In Forgiveness 11/6/2010
14. All Things Being Equal 11/6/2010
15. Deed, Word & Thought 11/6/2010
16. Breaking Down The Word Believe 11/6/2010
17. The Coat & Boat Theory 11/6/2010
18. Fashionably Late 11/6/2010
19. Frequently Asked Questions 11/6/2010
20. It's A Cold Day In Hell 11/6/2010
21. You Are The Four Seasons Of My Life 11/6/2010
22. Things I'Ve Learned Through The Fire 11/6/2010
23. Carve Out Your Future 11/6/2010
24. That Rock 11/6/2010
25. Fear's Funeral 11/6/2010
26. The Journey To Profound 11/6/2010
27. My Unintentional Sorcerer 11/6/2010
28. Neighborly 11/6/2010
29. An Impossible Introduction 11/6/2010
30. The Wizard Of Awes 11/7/2010
31. A More Spiritual Reality (A Meditation) 11/7/2010
32. Feather 11/7/2010
33. The Familiar Is Less Painful 11/7/2010
34. When You Fall In Love With You 11/7/2010
35. Quantumplating Abundance 1/21/2011
36. A More Nonchalant Approach 1/21/2011
37. The Thing About Being Human 1/21/2011
38. As Much As I Think I Know, I Don'T Know Even More 1/21/2011
39. Let Me Get This Straight 1/21/2011
40. The Flow Of Abundance 1/21/2011
Best Poem of tony haynes

The Corridor To The Next Reward

Somebody close to you suddenly dies
Then it makes you wonder
Is there a God above our cloudy skies?
Real hell
Somewhere down under?

You’re supposed to fervently ponder these things
On a purely spiritual level
Use your faith and with the courage it brings

Usurp a
Promiscuous devil

Hell can boast “it has given you hell”
Using death to make you bitter
Heavenly hosts toast a fond farewell…

…And ask you to reconsider

For to be absent in the body
Is to be present with one’s Lord
Death is just a corridor
That leads to the ...

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Fear's Funeral

I went to a funeral today

Fear died and we buried it six feet deep
Everyone cheered nobody cried
And with fear
Resting in peace – now I can sleep

No, there wasn’t a eulogy
Our thoughts about fear were not uttered

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