Udaya R. Tennakoon

Udaya R. Tennakoon Poems

1. A Beautification 6/17/2015
2. A Beautiful Cage 8/19/2016
3. A Bit Here And A Bit There 5/29/2015
4. A Blemished Reason 4/17/2016
5. A Bloomed Lotus 5/26/2016
6. A Blue Pearl 9/10/2013
7. A Calm Desire 9/22/2015
8. A Catastrophe 4/26/2015
9. A Change Of Course 9/15/2015
10. A Cheaper Smile 8/15/2014
11. A Christmas Tree 12/19/2015
12. A Closed Desire 12/30/2015
13. A Coffee Is A Friend 9/20/2015
14. A Continuity 12/4/2015
15. A Cook And A Poet 2/12/2013
16. A Cricketer And A Poet 6/19/2015
17. A Day For Peace 9/21/2015
18. A Declaration 4/12/2016
19. A Dream 2/13/2016
20. A Famine (Haiku) 6/28/2016
21. A Few Words 9/2/2015
22. A Friend's Brother 12/19/2015
23. A Generation 2/10/2016
24. A Gift For Rhythm – Take Tina 2/26/2015
25. A God Of Coin 9/19/2015
26. A Hope 8/29/2013
27. A Judgment (Tanka) 5/6/2016
28. A Life Of Blunt 1/4/2014
29. A Man And An Ant 12/10/2013
30. A Matchless Life 8/24/2014
31. A Mess On The Table 9/5/2014
32. A Midnight Man Of Hopes 8/13/2014
33. A Mirror Of The Feeling 9/25/2015
34. A Mistake 4/13/2015
35. A Night 5/11/2013
36. A Noisy Earth 12/13/2015
37. A Painful Freedom 4/10/2016
38. A Parody 1/26/2014
39. A Philosopher 5/25/2016
40. A Poem Of Disappeared 12/17/2015
Best Poem of Udaya R. Tennakoon

I Am A Star Because Of You So Far

I am a star
Larger than the moon
Size cannot be seen
I’m because of so far

My brightness and light
More powerful than the sun
It doesn’t feel
As the moon is so close

I am an outsider
And also an exoplanet*
To the solar system
And far away from light years

I ‘m also a moon
But not a parasite
And but more sensitive
To the dark and to the moon
But a star to you
Because of so far

Though I bring the light
To the thick darkness
You have been cheated and mislead
As it is moon
Because of we both are so far
At two ...

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Jesus Walks

Christmas carols ring the bell
Fireworks above the heads illume
Lighten and brighten streets are sleepless
Along the roads and among the people, Jesus walks

The anger of hungry world he sees
Put on masks of ruined souls grim
Name of peace robbers sell
Along the roads and among the people, Jesus walks

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