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Udaya R. Tennakoon Poems

161. Gandhi Paradox 6/20/2015
162. Glory Lilies (Haiku) 7/14/2016
163. Gods And Pinnacles 12/5/2012
164. Grandma And Grandpa Of Cinematic Creators 6/17/2015
165. Haiku Love 8/31/2012
166. Hands- Up Rights And Refugees 9/11/2015
167. Happiness And Life 12/25/2013
168. Happiness Is Beyond Or Behind 1/4/2014
169. Happiness No Hope (Senryu) 7/11/2016
170. Here And Now (Tanka) 6/8/2016
171. Hey Justice! ! ! 8/31/2012
172. Hidden Fish (Haiku) 7/13/2016
173. History Recalls 9/17/2015
174. Home Coming 12/2/2012
175. Hopeless Hope 8/26/2015
176. Hug 3/8/2015
177. Human Rights And White Magic 3/1/2013
178. Hunters 9/8/2015
179. I Am A Star Because Of You So Far 10/5/2011
180. I Am The Only (Haiku) -new- 1/5/2017
181. I Can Only Smile 5/7/2015
182. If The Dream Same Way 12/13/2015
183. If You Are Free 6/17/2015
184. Impotent (Senryu) 7/9/2016
185. In That 1/20/2016
186. In The Darkness And Out Of The Light 4/10/2015
187. In The Park 4/23/2015
188. In The Same Cell 8/29/2012
189. Ink Of Failed Conscience 10/2/2012
190. Inside Itself And Outside Itself 10/7/2016
191. Inside The Forest 7/2/2016
192. It Dreams 8/31/2015
193. It Is A Matter Of Faces 3/17/2013
194. It’s Not Tolerance 4/13/2015
195. It’s So 9/18/2015
196. Jesus Walks 11/21/2016
197. Kid Is A Paradox (Senryu) 5/7/2016
198. Killings! Killings! 8/21/2014
199. Knock At Me 6/21/2015
200. Lady Christmas Marianne 12/25/2015
Best Poem of Udaya R. Tennakoon

I Am A Star Because Of You So Far

I am a star
Larger than the moon
Size cannot be seen
I’m because of so far

My brightness and light
More powerful than the sun
It doesn’t feel
As the moon is so close

I am an outsider
And also an exoplanet*
To the solar system
And far away from light years

I ‘m also a moon
But not a parasite
And but more sensitive
To the dark and to the moon
But a star to you
Because of so far

Though I bring the light
To the thick darkness
You have been cheated and mislead
As it is moon
Because of we both are so far
At two ...

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Jesus Walks

Christmas carols ring the bell
Fireworks above the heads illume
Lighten and brighten streets are sleepless
Along the roads and among the people, Jesus walks

The anger of hungry world he sees
Put on masks of ruined souls grim
Name of peace robbers sell
Along the roads and among the people, Jesus walks

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