Unwritten Soul

Unwritten Soul Poems

41. Imagine A World Without Flowers (Ft Christopher Tye) 7/13/2016
42. In Memories With You (The End) 1/20/2011
43. In Thousand Miles, Love Still Not Far 12/6/2015
44. In Your Heart My Love Reside 8/29/2010
45. Inside My Secret Chamber 11/30/2012
46. Just In A Little Time 5/12/2013
47. Keep Me In Your Days (Only Me) 10/2/2013
48. Last Word 10/21/2013
49. Let We Sway, Together 3/3/2013
50. Listen To The Rain 2/24/2010
51. Lost 5/26/2011
52. Lost From Your Grasp 8/12/2013
53. Love And Friend (Retouched) 2/26/2010
54. Love In The Raindrops 4/27/2013
55. Love Lantern 4/7/2013
56. Meet Me In The Horizon (Ft Vipins Puthooran) 2/13/2012
57. Metamorphosis/Unchanged 2/24/2010
58. Midnight Waltz 4/14/2013
59. Moon's Lullaby (Berceuse De La Lune) 7/13/2013
60. My Apology To You Is Like My Night Sky 11/15/2015
61. My Home Is Your Heart 2/15/2015
62. Nature Of Life Journey 1/9/2012
63. Never Leave You Alone 6/26/2011
64. Night Whisperer 12/20/2011
65. Not Afraid 5/29/2011
66. Only Time Knows 3/9/2013
67. Orison (Give Me Your Smile) 10/13/2011
68. Painting Dove With White Wings 10/27/2013
69. Perfect Lie/ You Are Loved The Way You Are 7/22/2010
70. Quantum Of Spirit 12/28/2013
71. Rebirth / A New Day Has Comes 7/28/2010
72. Return To The Sea 8/25/2014
73. Rise From The Ashes 2/13/2012
74. Running In The Light (Into Your Eyes) 7/7/2013
75. Second Chances 8/20/2013
76. Shades Of Love (In The Light) 9/30/2012
77. Shadow 2/24/2010
78. Shattered Piece Now Returned 6/25/2013
79. Soldiers Of Love (Ft Terence George Craddock) 8/20/2011
80. Sometimes We Just Be There 11/18/2016
Best Poem of Unwritten Soul

A Few Words

A few words
Could bring more than a sound
Touch the ears turn wry to golden smile
or sharper than a glass to cut into pieces

Winding up a road between us
Separating emotions out of mind from the case
Would be wrong to let ego reign the grace
How ignorant sometimes heart could be?
Deaf two ears, and blinding opened eyes
Pretend the silence is your voice
Avoiding you is not a choice

A curse of few words
Lead a way to stray from the truth
A plead for apologizing replied by ignoring
A few words used for ...

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Even If My Mind Forget

Dont have to say sorry
Because you have to go
Dont keep your heart heavy
Because i want you always be light, be bright
For this whole life and at this hard time

Coming days may keep past years hidden underneath
Still this heart can remember what mind may not
Even a little kindness you did to me

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