Vallerie Lobell

Vallerie Lobell Poems

1. A Prayer 3/17/2008
2. My Dearest Love 9/21/2006
3. Dying Love 8/15/2006
4. I Got No Right On A Poetry Site 9/29/2006
5. Come To Me 9/7/2006
6. Bathing With Minnows 8/5/2006
7. Death Can't Touch A Memory 3/17/2007
8. Counting Colors 12/11/2006
9. Fooling The Boys 9/26/2006
10. Wind Whispers 3/9/2007
11. Hiding From Memories 9/6/2006
12. Sure Love 9/12/2006
13. Never You 9/23/2006
14. Beckon To Me 10/8/2006
15. Who Is This One? 10/12/2006
16. Do Coroners Lie When Loved Ones Die? 7/24/2008
17. I Stopped and Smelled the Roses 4/27/2007
18. Happy Birthday Love 8/11/2007
19. Boy Do I Need a Plan B.... 12/12/2006
20. How Do You Spell I Don't Love You Anymore? 10/8/2006

The Card

I wanted to send you an e-card, like we did when we first met,
I searched and searched all over the internet,
Can't find one that rings true and I have to wonder why,
I don't know that it is love I see reflected in your eyes,

Can't say you bring all the sunshine to me on cloudy days,
You haven't always been there for me as all the cards seem to say,
Can't say you make me feel so secure when you hold me in your arms,
Can't list truth and constancy among all your charms,

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