Vallerie Lobell

Vallerie Lobell Poems

1. Here Comes The Night 8/6/2006
2. The Tables May Turn (Resubmitted After Some Snafu) 9/12/2006
3. The Dawning Of Grief (In Remembrance) 9/13/2006
4. No Superstitious Me 9/14/2006
5. Sexual Side 9/25/2006
6. My Last Days? 10/2/2006
7. Day Day Gone Away 10/11/2006
8. Medicine Blues 10/13/2006
9. Onslaught Of Depression 12/6/2006
10. Beware The Rain 12/12/2006
11. Not The River In Between 1/15/2007
12. The Saddest Sight 7/7/2007
13. Which Is Worse 11/10/2007
14. Remember The Bad 11/19/2007
15. To Save You 12/5/2007
16. It Was July 10/8/2006
17. This Time I Didn'T Cry 1/6/2007
18. Read My Poems? ? ? 7/2/2007
19. Mama Didn'T Come 8/8/2006
20. The Card 8/14/2006
21. Remaining Recording Time 1/1/2008
22. Baby Grace 11/27/2007
23. Fishin Family 11/15/2007
24. Miss You Much (My Nephew) 8/29/2007
25. I Stopped And Smelled The Roses 4/27/2007
26. Happy Birthday Love 8/11/2007
27. Small Tribute To Crocodile Man 9/4/2006
28. Do You Like To See Zeros 9/20/2006
29. Only Fall 9/22/2006
30. Days End 9/24/2006
31. Boy Do I Need A Plan B.... 12/12/2006
32. How Do You Spell I Don'T Love You Anymore? 10/8/2006
33. Heart On The Mend 8/4/2006
34. Hiding From Memories 9/6/2006
35. Who Is This One? 10/12/2006
36. Do Coroners Lie When Loved Ones Die? 7/24/2008
37. Beckon To Me 10/8/2006
38. Sure Love 9/12/2006
39. Never You 9/23/2006
40. Wind Whispers 3/9/2007
Best Poem of Vallerie Lobell

A Prayer

Help me hold on Lord,
Down on my knees,
Each day I sink lower,
Help me up, please,

Hear the 'groanings of my heart',
'Read my kidneys ' too,
Can't hold on by myself,
I really need You,

I want to dig a deep hole,
And lay down with the others,
More tired I've never been,
Miss my daughter, son, and mother,

I love those still with me,
But I do them no good,
How can I go on?
Help me if You would?

Don't want to be seen,
So depressed and downhearted,
Try to be the 'industrious' one,
Feel defeated before I have...

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Here Comes The Night

Another day has come and gone, I keep feeling something's wrong,
I worry too much, Jude, the boys, Mama and such,
But there's something lurking, I try to think but my mind's not working,
What's wrong with me I will never know, this is just how my life goes,

The house is quiet with no distractions, I wonder to what I am reacting,
I did not walk the field today, got no work done, why I can't say,
I spoke to my love which I was not doing, several times I started boo-hooing,
Why do I

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