Treasure Island

veeraiyah subbulakshmi

Poems of veeraiyah subbulakshmi

21. A Drop 3/10/2012
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27. a fruitfly! 11/8/2012
28. A Gagged Mind 4/26/2013
29. a garden of STARS above our heads! 10/20/2012
30. A Gem In Us 2/2/2012
31. A girl and her wish. 4/13/2012
32. A Glow Worm and A Firefly 10/4/2012
33. a hand and a phone 3/13/2013
34. A Hand In Need! 8/3/2012
35. a house of joy! 11/7/2012
36. a kiss! 2/4/2013
37. a lamp in us! 10/11/2012
38. A Laptop Human 8/18/2013
39. A latched heart.. 6/10/2013
40. a love letter received by a wrong person! 10/26/2012

We Will Be Left Alone

We are left alone as babies in the cradle,
We are left alone as riders on the saddle,
We are left alone as debtors to the dismay,
We are left alone as candidates to convey.

The parents leave us alone when we are young,
Then we leave them alone when they are old,
When sorrow keeps us alone, it is too sad,
When the lifeless form is left alone, it is not bad.

[Hata Bildir]