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81. When I Fail To See 12/20/2011
82. When Hearts Are Near, People Whisper! 8/1/2012
83. When Awaiting For The Lovedones.. 1/16/2014
84. What's Up, Dude... 8/29/2014
85. What You Say May Not What You Mean 3/25/2013
86. What Is Your Main Job? 7/20/2013
87. What Is Wrong With My Country? 7/9/2013
88. What Is That? 4/19/2012
89. What Is Peace? 11/23/2013
90. What Is Next? 3/14/2013
91. What Is Lust? 3/13/2012
92. What Is Good And What Is Bad? 2/20/2014
93. What Is Democracy? 7/18/2012
94. What Is A Wallet Meant For 5/30/2013
95. What Have You Thought Of Me? 4/10/2013
96. What Has Done It? 3/12/2014
97. What Else Shall We Do? 4/3/2013
98. What Did I Do? 2/1/2012
99. What Are You? 1/14/2013
100. What Are We Waiting For? 2/22/2013
101. What Are We Longing For? 8/21/2012
102. What Am I? 1/2/2014
103. What A Life Is It? 2/10/2012
104. Weeping May Make You Weak 7/18/2013
105. Weep, Baby, Weep 3/19/2013
106. Weak Human 6/27/2013
107. We.. 2/10/2012
108. We Will Learn From You 6/8/2013
109. We Will Be Left Alone 12/19/2011
110. We Share Our Grandfathers! ! 5/17/2012
111. We Salute You, Appa @ Daddy. 2/4/2012
112. We Need To Change! 10/28/2012
113. We Know How To Ask Questions 3/26/2013
114. We Haven'T Messed Up Enough! 12/17/2012
115. We Haven'T Lost It Completely 4/16/2013
116. We Have Everything In India 2/25/2012
117. We Can'T Be Envious.. 3/7/2014
118. We Can Do It... 1/30/2013
119. We Can Do It! ! 6/15/2012
120. We Are Too Great To Make Mistakes! ! ! 12/12/2012
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A Book.

Shelves of books with variant topics:
Medicine, Engineering and comics,
Languages, Management and Marketing,
Tourism, Text books and Computing,
House hold, Carpentry and plumbing,
Trucks, Driving and operating.
Must choose one to taste,
Read regularly to last,
A full term of life and love,
Nourish it with the dose of care,
Can buy it from the stores,
That sells New, second hand and old,
When the new book is bought,
The smell itself fresh and great,
To remember for the life throughout,
Keep it as a Holy book and enjoy,
When the ...

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Going Out For A Picnic

Going out for a picnic,
Nothing to worry and panic,
When the adult children accompanied,
What is there to be distressed?

Mummy prepares the food,
Daddy buys the snacks with good mood,
The children take their net books, I phones, PDAs,
All go for a picnic in Putra Jaya.

[Hata Bildir]