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Waldon Pond Productions Poems

1. 003-Weep Not For Me 11/11/2009
2. 004-Do You...Think About Me? 11/11/2009
3. 004-I Believe. 11/11/2009
4. 004-Songs From The Grave 11/11/2009
5. 006-Some Of Us Die...Some Of Us Do Not 11/11/2009
6. 007-The Night Belongs To Us... 11/11/2009
7. 008-Could I Ever Leave You? 11/11/2009
8. 008-I Didn'T Know 11/11/2009
9. 008-The Shadow Of You 11/11/2009
10. 009-I Believe In You 11/11/2009
11. 009-I Remember You 11/11/2009
12. 009-I Want More... 11/11/2009
13. 012-You'Re The One... 11/11/2009
14. -who Will Teach The Children? 11/11/2009
15. 015- God? 11/11/2009
16. 021-I Am Man 11/11/2009
17. 021-I Confess 11/11/2009
18. 022-If We Never Met 11/11/2009
19. 022-You Are The Pain And The Joy 11/11/2009
20. 023-Life And The Sea 11/11/2009
21. 024-Do You Ever Wonder? 11/11/2009
22. All I Want...Is You 11/11/2009
23. Am I Mad? 11/11/2009
24. An Accomplishment Of A Lifetime 11/11/2009
25. Another Time...Another Place 11/11/2009
26. Autumn In July 11/11/2009
27. Check Out Time. 11/11/2009
28. Could I Have Done More? 11/11/2009
29. Everything Is Nothing 11/11/2009
30. For Papa...With Love 11/11/2009
31. Gone...For Now 11/11/2009
32. It's Love! Magic! 11/11/2009
33. It's You...You...You 11/11/2009
34. Let Us Speak Of Love 11/11/2009
35. Life Is Fragile 11/11/2009
36. Losing You 11/11/2009
37. You Are The Pain And The Joy 11/11/2009
38. Love In An Old Shoe Box 11/11/2009
39. Of Little Value 11/11/2009
40. Of Love And Others Matters 11/11/2009
Best Poem of Waldon Pond Productions



Hush...hush my darling, listen to our hearts...
as they beat as one. In the stillness
of this quiet time...can you see the gift
of yesterdays and the promise of tomorrow?
Can you hear the choir of the angels,
as they sing their songs of love?

Hush...can you hear my muted words of
love and caring? Can you feel my soul...
as it merges with yours?

Hush...as the wind plays in the trees and
the rain falls gently, as it plops against the
window and dances on the roof.

Hush...our baby sleeps and a distant violin,
plays softly...

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002-I Miss You

I miss your quiet caring, your gentelness,
the softness of you, and the warm cloak
of your love.

I miss your smile that was always so
tentative, but warm like the sunshine,
gentle as the rain, and softer than a rose.

I miss your honesty, your caring and your loyaty.

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