Warren Falcon

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Warren Falcon Poems

121. Loose Train Haiku Or Similar - New York To Philly - A Train Journal 9/13/2010
122. Loose Train Haiku With Title #5 10/7/2012
123. Loose Train Hokku-No-Renga 10/7/2012
124. Lost Postcards From J. Alfred Prufrock 11/25/2014
125. Love, When You Biting Tear The Ear Of My Hearing Bear Me Then 3/26/2013
126. Lovers Jump To Death From Burning Building 2/10/2010
127. Madly Singing For The Mountain 10/26/2013
128. Magpie, My Keeper, Is Flying - Upon Freeing The Gift Of Creativity Turned Inward 5/15/2011
129. Making Things Right In Exile - After The Chinese Poet, Po Chui 772 - 846 Ce 6/20/2012
130. Marcabre Dance For A Dead Mouse, After Robert Burns And Theodore Roethke 12/30/2009
131. Memory Torques - Opening City 1/21/2012
132. Midnight In Dostoevsky 6/29/2013
133. Mimimus Explains The Pluribus Unum Thing 8/5/2010
134. Mimimus Lectures Himself - Pluribus Not Unus, Culpas Minor - Upon American Bards 8/4/2010
135. Minimalist Death Cyphers, A Meditation In Nine Rounds 3/7/2010
136. Minimus Flees 5/14/2016
137. Minimus Stuck - Fragment Abramic 10/30/2010
138. Misiva Para La Oscuridad Como Una Vocación, William Hawkins En Mente 12/11/2011
139. Missive For Darkness As Vocation, William Hawkins In Mind 12/10/2011
140. Moments From The Orange World 11/10/2011
141. Nicht-Gesicht/Not Face By Rainer Maria Rilke 12/25/2009
142. Nightingale Confesses Into Straighter Teeth For The Seven Falling Ones 9/26/2011
143. No Difference In Memory - After Reading Li-Young Lee 4/10/2010
144. 'No Romance Involved With All That Now' - Fog Drenched With Gerard Manley Hopkins's 'The Terrible Sonnets' Discovering Heitor Villa-Lobos 10/13/2014
145. Nocturne 12/8/2009
146. 'Now, Heart' - Some Of What I Remember When I Listen 1/7/2010
147. O Mighty Beyond The Chimney Yet Under The Bed - One Address To The Lord After Berryman's 'Eleven' Astutter 12/1/2012
148. O See My Little Red Shoes, Bright Bright, O Clap Your Hands For Me - What I Once Became And Now Still Am 3/5/2013
149. Observing Early Autumn Snow From An Upstairs Window 11/24/2012
150. October Night Of Divas, East Tenth Street, New York City 10/15/2010
151. Of Ancient Mastodon, Sleepy Bee & Young Men Who Leap Too Soon From Bridges - Nightingale Confesses Into Straighter Teeth 10/4/2010
152. Of Asterisk, Lovely Flower 11/13/2011
153. Of Bells Anatomy 10/16/2013
154. Of Humans The Stains They Leave 10/25/2012
155. Of Hungry Pockets 1/22/2013
156. Of Li Po Waking The Morning After, Circa 1981 2/3/2010
157. Ok Mister Rogers Of Zen. I Do. 8/17/2015
158. Older Age, Basho In Mind 11/12/2010
159. On Our Broken Boat The Harsh Light Will Not Break 12/8/2010
160. On The Train, Haiku-Esque 12/29/2011
Best Poem of Warren Falcon

Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Autumnal Math

The ground assumes its portent.
The good of the season remains in what is left behind.
It takes what lays down or is laid down upon it.
You'd think it a kind of king of accountants.
You'd sink down an addition of arithmetics,
heartbeats, breaths, footings found and lost,
all the unintended landings of a life.

You'd think it wouldn't stop.

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