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William Chaplar

[C.W. Elliot] (August 18,1961 / Trenton, New Jersey)

Poems of William Chaplar

1. A Dog Lover's Tale 2/28/2013
2. A Woman's Place 2/28/2013
3. Be One Of Those That Do 2/14/2013
4. Be Prepared 2/13/2013
5. Be Your Next Success 2/27/2013
6. Because We Can 2/14/2013
7. Biblimericks 2/28/2013
8. Bridging The Gap 2/26/2013
9. Civil War Ballad 2/27/2013
10. Dad Was A Real Man Too 2/14/2013
11. Dancer 2/27/2013
12. Discouraging Words 2/21/2013
13. Do It Then 2/28/2013
14. Do The Math 2/15/2013
15. Don't Curse The Darkness 2/15/2013
16. Don't Play Not To Lose 2/15/2013
17. Don't Stop The Laughter 2/28/2013
18. Elisha Saw! 2/18/2013
19. Flawless English 2/13/2013
20. Green Tea 2/15/2013

Quitters Never Win

One year I had a math teacher who made me want to cry!
I never understood those things she did with 'x' and 'y'!
She told us if we stayed in school, we'd broaden all our minds.
And then she said it's her job to see no child's left behind.
So all the time in algebra, my math teacher would say,
'The only way you're gonna learn is study every day.
And now's the time for all of you, your future to commit.
'Cause quitters never win nor do winners ever quit.'

[Hata Bildir]