Wojja Fink

Wojja Fink Poems

1. Lilting Tongues 10/7/2008
2. Mr. Resistor 10/6/2008
3. It's That Pear Tree, Again. 4/6/2009
4. Self Help Through Writing. 4/25/2009
5. Verbs Nouns And Octaves 4/27/2009
6. High Plains Dreamer 5/4/2009
7. Words With No Name 5/28/2009
8. The Rock 'N Roll Tree 9/13/2009
9. Next Doors Cat 4/2/2010
10. Saddle Up 5/2/2009
11. Versace 5/24/2009
12. The Rapper's Curse 2/14/2009
13. Shakespeare..With Cecily Berry 11/15/2008
14. Morning Of The Soul 10/27/2008
15. Fused 3/31/2009
16. Vagrant Poetry 11/29/2008
17. Tell Me The Time 5/19/2009
18. To All Poets And Friends 5/4/2009
19. Poetic Dialectic 7/11/2009
20. Voices In The Head 3/29/2009
21. Horsechestnuts 4/4/2009
22. Poetry Writing Course 3/16/2009
23. Monday Morning 11/25/2008
24. The Morning Bell 10/15/2008
25. Food Of Thought 6/22/2009
26. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Debt. 6/4/2009
27. Snails 5/2/2009
28. Dead Cattle And Rain 8/31/2009
29. Even Birds Fall Silent 3/28/2009
30. Good Friday 4/10/2009
31. I'Ll Be There Before You Fall. 3/30/2009
32. Magnetic Muse? 10/12/2008
33. The Magic Theatre, For Madmen Only 10/12/2008
34. Shakespeare Behind Bars 10/19/2008
35. Knowing And Unknowing 5/24/2009
36. The Day I Met Nothing 4/29/2009
37. Going Hunting 4/30/2009
38. Streetwise 4/14/2009
39. Tangled Up In Vowels 4/14/2009
40. Only One Is Real 5/1/2009
Best Poem of Wojja Fink

A Patchwork Of Soul

I stumble on poets whom I’ve not before read
With visions of mountains to climb in my head
Old mysteries to learn buried deep in my heart
Viewed from a mind we’re a long way apart
But the mystery unfolds in a patchwork of art
Eastern light shines in the rhythms of men
Who seemingly travell and come back yet again
They say that it’s true there’s not far to go
If you travel light and forget all that you know
It’s a patchwork of heaven sewn through the ages
Sung by the poets and sat on by Sages
It’s a mystery of words with meanings revealed
When the ...

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Dreamers Blues.

Saw Dylan Thomas last night in a dream,
with a silver banjo and dancing queen.
Said, “ Hi Dylan how’s your luck”.
He said, “I’m leaving here fast in a supercharged truck,
there’s room upstairs would you like to come”,
Said “ I’d love to but there’s a war just begun
All the Kings men have turned into thieves
And make all the King’s women go weak at the knees,
Where are you heading, where will you go.

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