Zachary Hoyt

Rookie (January 11,93 / Hudson New York)

Zachary Hoyt Poems

1. Lost In A Nation Of Millions 12/7/2008
2. Black Plague 12/7/2008
3. Atomic Fall 12/7/2008
4. Girls, Poptarts, And Firetrucks 12/7/2008
5. Press Eject 12/8/2008
6. Yaay 12/8/2008
7. Down Fall 12/8/2008
8. Hell On Earth 12/8/2008
9. Generations 12/8/2008
10. The Death Of Nations 12/8/2008
11. New Life 12/8/2008
12. New World Disorder 12/17/2008
13. Soul Destroyer 12/20/2008
14. Greatest Emotional Intensity 12/20/2008
15. Broken Icecream Cones 12/21/2008
16. New Love 12/23/2008
17. Last Beginning 12/24/2008
18. Cold September Sky 12/26/2008
19. Vast Kataklysm 1/5/2009
20. Birth Of The End 1/8/2009
21. Bombarded To The End 1/14/2009
22. This Song Has A Good Ending 2/15/2009
23. Ingesting Shots 8/26/2009
24. In Hell You Sing 8/26/2009
25. Demise 8/26/2009
26. Standing Ovation 8/26/2009
27. Asperity Of Life 12/23/2008
28. Antichrist 12/8/2008
Best Poem of Zachary Hoyt


in this virgin embero
she feels this unholy being
as she screams the towns folk are forseeing

'could this child bring the reaponing'
as her ribs begin to unhinge
her abdomen begins to teare
the claws of the bein begins to rip
as if it was butcherd with a knife
Nauseated by the unholly site
she becomes debilitated and weakening
as the sky is blackening
she has given birth the next antichrist
as his mother dies hes alone

he has been deluded from everyone
abandon through adolescence
he is tooken in by morels
unknowing of his future
they ...

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Press Eject

i open my heart to you
as i stay an plee
wondering why you leave
but you didnt know,
your all i need

i was controlled by you
you took charge of my heart
you helped my through my pain an agony

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