Treasure Island

Zhijian Jiang

Poems of Zhijian Jiang

1. A Wonderful Beetle——Shi Xiaoqun 2/16/2012
2. Cruise Spring 3/25/2012
3. Feelings Of The Mid-Autumn Festival 9/27/2012
4. Isolation Of Love 2/26/2012
5. Love of Huanglong(Yellow Dragon) 2/14/2012
6. Spiders 3/3/2012
7. The Corn 7/9/2012
8. The Deserted Stone 3/17/2012
9. The Loneliness Of Spring 3/15/2012
10. The Osmanthus Fragrans On The Moon 2/18/2012
11. Thermometer 3/3/2012
12. Thoughts In The Spring 2/26/2012
13. To Be Alive 8/25/2012
14. True love 2/16/2012

Thoughts In The Spring

Spring rain rains like a curtain these days,
And I don't think it's stopping completely.
In the rural, I am compiling the history books.

Just think about how I have searched the places before,
The places are those where historical and humanity events happened.
On the bank of a river, I finally find,
Where my home is, more beautiful.

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