A Passing Hail

Let us rest ourselves a bit!
Worry?-- wave your hand to it --
Kiss your finger-tips and smile
It farewell a little while.

Weary of the weary way
We have come from Yesterday,
Let us fret not, instead,
Of the wary way ahead.

A Bunch Of Lilac And A Storm Of Hail

A bunch of lilac and a storm of hail
On the same afternoon! Indeed I know
Here in the South it always happens so,
That lilac is companioned by the gale.
I took some hailstones from the window sill
And swallowed them in a communion feast.
Their transitory joy is mine at least,
The lilac's loveliness escapes me still.
Mine are the storms of spring, but not the sweets.

Hail, Twilight, Sovereign Of One Peaceful Hour

HAIL Twilight, sovereign of one peaceful hour!
Not dull art Thou as undiscerning Night;
But studious only to remove from sight
Day's mutable distinctions.--Ancient Power!
Thus did the waters gleam, the mountains lower,
To the rude Briton, when, in wolf-skin vest
Here roving wild, he laid him down to rest
On the bare rock, or through a leafy bower
Looked ere his eyes were closed. By him was seen
The self-same Vision which we now behold;

Hail, Zaragoza! If With Unwet Eye

HAIL, Zaragoza! If with unwet eye
We can approach, thy sorrow to behold,
Yet is the heart not pitiless nor cold;
Such spectacle demands not tear or sigh.
These desolate remains are trophies high
Of more than martial courage in the breast
Of peaceful civic virtue: they attest
Thy matchless worth to all posterity.
Blood flowed before thy sight without remorse;
Disease consumed thy vitals; War upheaved

Hail, Columbia!


'HAIL, Columbia! Happy land!
Hail, ye heroes, heaven-born band,
Who fought and bled in Freedom's cause,
Who fought and bled in Freedom's cause,
And when the storm of war was gone
Enjoy'd the peace your valor won.
Let independence be our boast,

Hail! Childish Slave Of Social Rules

HAIL! Childish slaves of social rules
You had yourselves a hand in making!
How I could shake your faith, ye fools,
If but I thought it worth the shaking.
I see, and pity you; and then
Go, casting off the idle pity,
In search of better, braver men,
My own way freely through the city.

My own way freely, and not yours;

Hail! Master Death!

When conquerors lift the bloody shield,
Showing the fallen's ooze of life,
And on a waste of blasted field
Joy quickens to the drum and fife,
Then the weird brood of flame and fate,
Far under ground, are ill at ease,
And rock their bodies, as they wait,
When Death shall strangle even these.

The banquet board is red and white,

' All Hail, Your Son, The King... '

(A Christian Love-Song, I Sing … I Also Call This:
Loyal-Royalty, Long May He Reign)

All Hail … Your Son, The King!
Christ, Has Been Put Over Everything …… (Matt.28: 18)
Firstborn-Son, In Rightful Claim ……………. (Col.1: 15,16)
Loyal Royalty … Long May He Reign! ……. (Col.1: 13)

The Lord Of The Revelation & Sabbath … Hail Him! … (Rev.1: 1)
He’s Ruling In The Majesty’s Heavenly Realm …… (Heb.8: 1)

All Hail To The Czar!

All hail to the Czar! By the fringe of the foam
That thunders, untamed, around Albion's shore,
See multitudes throng, dense as sea-birds whose home
Is betwixt the deaf rocks and the ocean's mad roar;
And across the ridged waters stand straining their eyes
For a glimpse of the Eagle that comes from afar:
Lo! it swoops towards the beach, and they greet it with cries
That silence the billows-``All hail to the Czar!''

All hail to the Czar! England's noblest and best,

Hail, Guest, And Enter Freely!

HAIL, guest, and enter freely! All you see
Is, for your momentary visit, yours; and we
Who welcome you are but the guests of God,
And know not our departure.

Hail To The Lord's Anointed

Hail to the Lord's Anointed
Great David's greater Son:
Hail, in the time appointed,
His reign on earth begun!

He comes with succour speedy,
To those who suffer wrong;
To help the poor and needy,
And bid the weak be strong.

We Hail Thee Now, O Jesus

We hail thee now, O Jesus,
thy presence here we own,
though sight and touch have failed us,
and faith perceives alone;
thy love has veiled thy glory;
and hid thy power divine,
in mercy to our weakness,
beneath an earthly sign.

We hail thee now, O Jesus,

/ All Hail To The Purple Race

All hail to the purple race
That flutters from heaven
And the space beyond.
It is to bestow mercy
On us, on our kinsmen,
But it will descend
With tears and lament.

All hail to the purple race.
The scent of violets makes

Hail The Hindu

Born in eighteen,
Brought up in nineteen,
Brilliant in twenty,
You remain evergreen,
Though you are a hindu,
You have a lot of other friends too,
Christians and Muslims, Men and Women,
Young and old, Caste and Creed,
You showed no signs of indifference,
And treated all alike,

Hail The Day

Greek the lover speaks when unaware
The language of love is not like the one
You read and you write goes to the worms
What you see and feel is the soul of being
Much spoken is this for real and unreal
What self is to unself the songs of the birds
Wake me up for the beauty of the day
The big men fall like the tower of Pisa in recline
Hail the day whose evening shall see the happy verse
Once again my love come that way

Hail To The Spring

Dawn! splash your colors upon my heart.
Let your aspirations engrave in my words.

Morning breeze! breath life in my despair
I am all but elated with your vibrant care.

Winter tree! I hear your message of hope
Come spring your jovial effect will return.

Morning bird! My valley waits for your crescendo.

Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia

Uncle Joe comes home a singing,
Hail, Columby!
Glorious times de Lord is bringin' --
Now let me die.
Fling the chains into the ribber --
Lay de burden by;
Dar is one who will delibber --
Now let me die.

Ring de Bells in eb'ry steeple!

Hail To You!

Victory to you, O Most Auspicious One, O Abode of Sublimity and Eternal Delight! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!
O Embodiment of our National Life-Force, O Goddess of Freedom, Of Virtue and Prosperity Supreme Queen you are!
In this darkness of Slavery, O Goddess of Freedom, Alone gleaming in the sky A bright and Shining Star you are! O Goddess of Freedom, You are the blush that prospers, On cheeks as soft as flowers, On flowers as soft as cheeks! You are the Radiance of the Sun, the Depth of the Ocean, O Goddess of Freedom, Without you their worth is naught!
You are the Liberation from the Cycle of Birth and Death, O Goddess of Freedom, hailed as the Supreme Soul By the Yogis of the Vedas you are! All that is most supreme and noble, So very magnificent and oh, so very sweet, O Goddess of Freedom, All your companions are!
Soaked in the villain's blood-You are! Worshipped by noble men-You are! O Goddess of Freedom, The entire Creation surrenders unto you! Life is to die for You, Death is to live without You, O Giver of Boons, We await the time when you shall Clasp Our Motherland to your bosom! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!
Even Lord Shankar covets Our Himalayas, The Mighty Mountains of Terraced Snow, O, why does it not please you to sport here? Why O, why do you forsake the bountiful Ganga? Her stream, glowing like the moonshine, Is not it a worthy mirror for even the Apsaras?
O Freedom! What did you lack in this Golden Land? Is there not a fresh Kohinoor bloom for your braid each day? Here is The Bounteous One, Our very own Motherland, Why O, why did you push her away? O, why did your Motherly love of old wither away? O, so anguished is my soul! For she is now but a slave to others, Why O, why did you abandon her so, Answer me, I pray! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!

[Translated by Anurupa Cinar]

Hail Mary

Cross askew
In nomine Patri, et filii, et spiritus sanctu
Wall stains, O deathly blood
Dreams at midnight, of me and you.

Pursue me to the bunker
Underground with earth for cover
Blood for flood
Blanketed skies while I'm under.

All Hail To That Fool In Christ!

The malady can be healed by madness…
He plays a fool, but he is a sage.
The time of such wisdom has come,
He preaches the wisdom of age.

The nail is hammered into the wall,
The woman hangs on it flowers –
A bunch of violets of the dale.
Her eyes resemble your eyes…
The violets light up the nail.