Comfort Poem by Robert William Service


Rating: 3.2

Say! You've struck a heap of trouble --
Bust in business, lost your wife;
No one cares a cent about you,
You don't care a cent for life;
Hard luck has of hope bereft you,
Health is failing, wish you'd die --
Why, you've still the sunshine left you
And the big, blue sky.

Sky so blue it makes you wonder
If it's heaven shining through;
Earth so smiling 'way out yonder,
Sun so bright it dazzles you;
Birds a-singing, flowers a-flinging
All their fragrance on the breeze;
Dancing shadows, green, still meadows --
Don't you mope, you've still got these.

These, and none can take them from you;
These, and none can weigh their worth.
What! you're tired and broke and beaten? --
Why, you're rich -- you've got the earth!
Yes, if you're a tramp in tatters,
While the blue sky bends above
You've got nearly all that matters --
You've got God, and God is love.

Diana Fischer 11 August 2011

True God is love, love that peom!

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Melancholy Man 11 August 2011

Or, as the great Eric Idle put it... 'always look on the bright side of life...'! Great poem, full of positivity and perspective. Regardless of individual faith or beliefs, the message in this poem is still very relevant today.

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Juan Olivarez 11 August 2010

Awe inspiring words, very well placed and everything makes sense. Excellent piece from an outstanding poet.

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Riekairu Calo 11 August 2010

inspiring poem inspires a poets......

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Hans Vr 11 August 2011

Uplifting, a good read fo rthe morning.

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Stephen W 11 August 2014

Beautiful poem indeed, conveying deep truth.

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Stephen W 11 August 2014

Beautiful poem indeed. Am looking forward to being insulted by Kevin Straw: -)

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Kevin Straw 11 August 2012

There are nine fools on this page alone who have no idea how to interpret a poem.

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Kevin Straw 11 August 2012

Is there a more foolish poem than this! Every policeman dealing with a suicide is told to point out the blue sky and that God is love. If I were in the desperate state of this man, and Service came to me with this nonsense, I would be perfectly in my right to knock him on the head and steal his purse. People in despair need real help not daft anodyne wishy-washy sentiments. The Good Samaritan gave real practical help to the mugging victim in the parable.

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Robert Wynn 11 August 2012

We can always rejoice in God's glory.

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