The Emperor Of Tribalism

As most Nigerians remain ruefully lukewarm 
about President Buhari's second term bid;  
an ever-increasing multitude of potential 
voters across ethnic divides, seem to be 
enthralled by Atiku-Obi presidential ticket,
on the duo's restructuring manifesto and
remarkable track records of achievements.

It's as if the masses with full intent or 
otherwise, have at last come to 

The leader and the led

The Lion stakes his claim
To the leadership of the pack

But the Antelopes remember
The ferocious pounce of his paws

The hyena says the crown is made for him
But the Impalas shudder at his lethal appetite

The Giraffe craves a place in the front

Finding Home

There in front of me
All that was my life
Such loving parents
Brothers and sister
Such truly great friends
Teachers guiding me
Bosses screwing me
And some leadership
For ship 'bout to sink

A Trickle Of Thought - 29

Leadership shall never
Allow a dark soul to enter
Its kingdom.
A tinge of darkness,
Could create a spell
And wrap the Kingdom
With nightmares,
Leading to its death.

The Iliad: Book 2

Now the other gods and the armed warriors on the plain slept
soundly, but Jove was wakeful, for he was thinking how to do honour to
Achilles, and destroyed much people at the ships of the Achaeans. In
the end he deemed it would be best to send a lying dream to King
Agamemnon; so he called one to him and said to it, "Lying Dream, go to
the ships of the Achaeans, into the tent of Agamemnon, and say to
him word to word as I now bid you. Tell him to get the Achaeans
instantly under arms, for he shall take Troy. There are no longer

Weed Out The Indolent And Corrupt

You got your seat
Without any drop of sweat
Relied on your grandfather
Your namesake
And full time provider.

Your platform of government
Was capitalized
On his exemplary service
Integrity beyond reproach

Three Songs To The One Burden

THE Roaring Tinker if you like,
But Mannion is my name,
And I beat up the common sort
And think it is no shame.
The common breeds the common,
A lout begets a lout,
So when I take on half a score
I knock their heads about.
From mountain to mountain ride the fierce horsemen.

Cartoonish Life

Never really one
for popularity contests
yet somehow
popularity found me.

Intangible leadership
skills perhaps,
overrated influence
more likely.

Investigating Flora

'Twas in scientific circles
That the great Professor Brown
Had a world-wide reputation
As a writer of renown.
He had striven finer feelings
In our natures to implant
By his Treatise on the Morals
Of the Red-eyed Bulldog Ant.
He had hoisted an opponent
Who had trodden unawares

Do Not Discredit Women

A woman is a child,
A woman is a daughter,
She is a sister,
She is a daughter-in-law, she is a mother,
She is a grandmother and she is a great grandmother.

She has the power of motherhood,
She has the power of leadership,
She has the power of care,
She is a flower of love and devotion,

*911 Pray For Haiti And The Haitians

On 12 January 2010 a 7.0 force earthquake struck 16 miles offshore from Port-au-Prince demolishing the capital and killing many thousands of its citzens. Haiti occupies the western third of Hispanola a Carribean Island 45 miles east of Cuba. The population is just in excess of 10 million and about 3 million Hatians live abroad. It is a poor country and many of its citizens have poor health including TB and Aids. It is nominally Christian (80% Catholic) and about 50% of the population practise Hatian Vodu. What can we do? We can give generously now and during the year. If we have specialist skills we can join teams being sent out by our Governments. We can also pray Individually and Collectively for our beloved 'Brothers & Sister' in Haiti. It's up to you - but please do something.

The Song Of 1971

I sing the song of 1971 from the songs
When our heroes sacrificed themselves
For our Desh (country)
For its great independence,

I sing the song of 1971ever
When our heroes gathered together
Under the leadership of our leader
The great hero Sheikh Mujibur,

Jawahar Lal Nehru - The Architect Of Modern India

He was the product of India's War
Of Independence under the able
leadership of Mahatma Gandhi
After India became Independent
And later on became a Republic
Nehru took over the reigns
As it's First Prime Minister.
He was a statesman and a visionary
And was the architect of modern India
For him the units of heavy industry

Song To Society

(dedicated to Mr. Barack Obama)

You can see knowledge’s value
Keep a calm emotional perspective
It may present an enjoyable escape
A discovery gives you something positive

Share an important moment
With loved ones
Embrace this special time

The Measure Of A Man

What is the measure of a man?
Is it strength?
Or fearlessness?
The ability to lead others down the right path?
The ability to inspire the seed of greatness in those who need encouragement?
If the aforementioned are measuring tools,
Then many live life as men.
Do you wear your love for God like shining armor?
Is the love of God resting upon and guiding you?

The Vain King

In robes of Tyrian blue the King was drest,
A jewelled collar shone upon his breast,
A giant ruby glittered in his crown -----
Lord of rich lands and many a splendid town.
In him the glories of an ancient line
Of sober kings, who ruled by right divine,
Were centred; and to him with loyal awe
The people looked for leadership and law.
Ten thousand knights, the safeguard of the land,
Lay like a single sword within his hand;

# Two Fine Humans

Two fine humans..i know them
from my teens
when i watched 'Gandhi' the movie
i loved this human 'gandhi'
when i read 'gitanjali' the book
i saw in tagore the human

There was not a mention about 'tagore'
in the movie gandhi
Their relationship never made history

Good Leaders

Good Leaders never say
They are great
Their works will speak
Of the nature
Of their leadership.

Copyright 2020, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Hatred To Cease

Hatred to cease

It makes difference
For country's defense
Whether to go in for offence
Or employ tactic for peace

It is leadership
That carries country's future ship
To destiny

Woman's Mind

Woman's mind is a curious to some,
We ponder and think,
To do things our way,
But in today's society it's still the same,
Women still have not gotten as much rights as men,

So, women's mind is hidden,
For if women got to speak their mind at all times,
We would have more leadership in this man's world,
A better place for all and gender equality all round,