Song To Society Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi

Song To Society

Rating: 4.2

(dedicated to Mr. Barack Obama)

You can see knowledge’s value
Keep a calm emotional perspective
It may present an enjoyable escape
A discovery gives you something positive

Share an important moment
With loved ones
Embrace this special time
With an exciting favor

If you can maintain perspective
You’ll benefit from message that emerges
A fun new dimension to life
Could present itself

A lucky piece of advice will help
An influential one will sing your praises
Someone you admire
Will be a guiding light

You’ll be in the right place
At the right time
You may be presented
With peaceful possibilities

Show others
What you’re capable of
Let a blossoming relationship
Unfold in its own way

Celebrating an important event
Will be joyous, victorious
It really could bring
A joyful celebration with people so dear

It will take calm reasoning
To reconcile various points of view
And build understanding
A familiar communication

Step lightly with touchy personal issues
Support from another will be heartwarming
A lovely new possession
Adds beauty to your country

An emotional encounter
May be challenging
There’ll be something to learn
Doubts to defuse

Something to teach
Questions to resolve
With care, insight, understanding
You will achieve wonders

You don’t promise more than you can deliver
Don’t try to push water uphill
A little cooperation will calm any nerves
And help smooth the way

It will be easier to go with the flow
Treat carefully to avoid a blow up
Focus on the unique chance you have
To make a special difference

You’ll see an inviting bigger picture
The price of success will be endurance
You’ll gain a clearer view of situation
Courage to face the turbulence of life

To avoid a clash
To avoid heavy weather
Address it reasonably, logically
Set scene for some give and take

To achieve harmony
Avoid pushing too hard
Or overplaying a hand
You can promote productive discussion

Open yourself up to the message
And set action for negotiation
Assess your options carefully
So you’ll act on them with confidence

You’ll need to rethink
The stand you’ve taken
You’ll have a better understanding
Of a sensitive topic

Don’t let a series of complications
Of tremendous depressions
That’s close to your heart
Take the fun out of it

Just remember to look out for the fine line
Turn over a new leaf, a fresh spirit
A way to start afresh
With fellow countrymen

Savor a new experience
Just enjoy the journey
A new idea, a creative slant
On an old problem

Will reveal an option
You haven’t explored before
You’ll keep your feet on the ground
Embarking on a task that’s tough

The leadership must be strong, and balance
To have triumphed over some difficult crisis periods
Your accomplishments are
The genuine triumphs

(inspired by Walt Whitman’s Song Of Myself)

Saskia Harjono 20 November 2008

Ahmad, this is utterly a poem of inspiration - not only for the president, but also to all of us. A striking poem coming from an inspiring someone...

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 20 November 2008

This is a very nice poem and I'm sure President Obama will be pleased. The United States and other countries are going through a tremendous 'process' that involves a more 'collective' understanding. Those who speak of political affiliations of the past are to be traumaticized with tomorrow's changes. A nice poem.

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Carol Rhodes 20 November 2008

Ahmad, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this thoughtful and right-on tribute to our new President. To think that in my lifetime I would have the golden opportunity to share in a lessening of the predominant-so it seemed-White Supremist majority was something I did not expect. Socialism, capitalism, right-wing/left-wing is not the issue. It's time for the old separatism: labeling of parties/philosophies to disappear. To combine and infuse what is good for all people, our country, other countries should be the focus and the work plan. I believe Obama can do that. Most importantly, as you so beautifully wrote, it won't be easy and every single human must help, be patient and be open to new possibities through civil discourse. Let's finally let our highly evolved brains function without fear, killing, need for superiorty and reach out and see that we are all the same with the same needs. Stop killing animals, too. If we are the 'top of the order', why are we cruelly slaughtering, justifying the eating of flesh? Ahmad, yes, get this to Obama. You are a man of many talents, as we all know. Now, I think we can say that you should be a member of Obama's governing committee. True insight! ! ! My best, Carol

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Carl Harris 20 November 2008

I did not vote for Mr. Obama mostly because of his politcal philosophy and party affiliation, which is the liberal democratic party. My personal political philosophy is the opposite of any party which espouses socialism in any form. That does not mean he will not make a good president, for he is an intelligent man and I respect him for that. Your poem, though a bit too long and repetitive, is a good tribute to him just the same. It is always interesting to see what people in other countries of the world think about our presidents or leaders. Carl.

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Aijaz Asif 20 November 2008

Ahmed..its a superb write and yes my ideas are say as the Fay has..this was first american election on which whole world took the interest with the hope of change and lets hope the change willcome soon...a marvellous write, keep it up and thanks for sharing 10+++++++++++ nd A++++++ rgds asif

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John Tiong Chunghoo 22 January 2009

You don’t promise more than you can deliver Don’t try to push water uphill A little cooperation will calm any nerves And help smooth the way dear ahmad i love the above four inspired lines. keep your good work up. john

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John Weber 25 November 2008

Fascinating exhibition here, Ahmad! Such sage advice would benefit anyone, I would say, especially someone like the new president of the U.S. I won't delve into politics, but I appreciate what you have done here, sir! We stand at the threshold of our new design every day as long as we utilize and engage our own thoughts on what we wish to achieve. I hope the change ahead shall be for the better; I will endeavor to shape my world for the better regardless. Warm regards, John.

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 21 November 2008

good write Ahmad! keep up the good work.

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I liked some of the word choice! Great Job

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Rajaram Ramachandran 20 November 2008

These 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' will take one to the goal of a successul life. A very nice poem.

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