The leader and the led Poem by Niyi Osundare

The leader and the led

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The Lion stakes his claim
To the leadership of the pack

But the Antelopes remember
The ferocious pounce of his paws

The hyena says the crown is made for him
But the Impalas shudder at his lethal appetite

The Giraffe craves a place in the front
But his eyes are too far from the ground

When the Zebra says it's his right to lead
The pack points to the duplicity of his stripes

The Elephant trudges into the power tussle
But its colleagues dread his trampling feet

The warthog is too ugly
The rhino too riotous

And the pack thrashes around
Like a snake without a head

"Our need calls for a hybrid of habits",
Proclaims the Forest Sage,

"A little bit of a Lion
A little bit of a Lamb

Tough like a tiger, compassionate like a doe
Transparent like a river, mysterious like a lake

A leader who knows how to follow
Followers mindful of their right to lead"

Mimi Blues 11 August 2020

What are the figures of speech used in the poem

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Temi Aminu 08 May 2019

This poem is about leadership, power tussle and different limitations and shortcomings of those who vie for leadership positions, especially in the eyes of those they lead/wish to lead. No matter how suitable a person thinks he is for a position, there are inherent shortcomings in us as individuals that inhibit our abilities to find complete trust in the people we lead/aspire to lead.

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telvin 09 June 2019

God bless you dear

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Joshua Adeyemi 17 March 2018

The Giraffe craves a place in the front But his eyes are too far from the ground

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Igúnugún pledged to bear the leadership sacrifice but Àgbọ̀nrín remembered his pecks on a brother's carcass. Igúnugún- Vulture Àgbọ̀nrín- Deer

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Hephzibah 18 May 2022

Good i love the poam 😊👍😊👍😊👍😊👍😊👍

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Mawuli Nyadzorgbe 20 November 2021

I really like this poem.

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Anita 16 February 2021

Your information is trustworthy t

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sayma 26 January 2021

the theme of nature

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oryiman 01 December 2020

Write comment.explain what is meant by our needs call for a hybrids of habits

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Niyi Osundare

Niyi Osundare

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