# Two Fine Humans Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# Two Fine Humans

Rating: 5.0

Two fine humans..i know them
from my teens
when i watched 'Gandhi' the movie
i loved this human 'gandhi'
when i read 'gitanjali' the book
i saw in tagore the human

There was not a mention about 'tagore'
in the movie gandhi
Their relationship never made history
I learned humanity in their relationship
they would have met six or seven times in life
their relationship flourished in their differences

They were actually a world apart in their opinions
they shared these differences in their letters
which i would call a treasure, , and right from
non co operation to the abolishing of foreign wear
chakra culture to asking students to refrain from school
tagore had a different opinion to give.

The respect they had for each other- adorable
the love they had for each other -beautiful
the difference of opinion between them-explorable
the differences were expressed in public -tolerable
they were indeed two matured human beings- who were able
to show their differences in public with dignity

More than the poet in tagore
it was his humanity i admire
more than the leadership of gandhi
it was his humanity which touched me
the relationship they had was truly human
their differences should be explored by every human

Sandhya S N 15 July 2009

Sure, their life has to be explored by the youth to learn te art of life and humanity regards sandhya

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C. P. Sharma 12 July 2009

There is divine kinship among the sublime souls. CP

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Louis Rams 12 July 2009

two greats in debate. beautifully written.

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Sandra Martyres 12 July 2009

A poetic appreciation of two great men...a super write Samanyan 10

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Ency Bearis 11 July 2009

great history you touched with this great persons...wonderful and thanks for sharing.....10

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Subroto Chatterjee 21 July 2009

Very fine. Very inspirational....human transformers of many generations to come.... Cheers. Subroto

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Obed Souza 17 July 2009

I admire Gandhi very much! This poem is a tribute to him, as for Tagore I don´t know much. I´ve read 3 of Gandhi´s biographies and I´ve watched the movie twice... Very good poem.

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Patrick A. Martin 17 July 2009

Talking of two fine humans a man who was a friend of both of theses giants was Nazim Khan another Indian writer my poem The Eagle Flies Alone is a tribute to him. I lived ib Delhi and am a great admirer of Gandhi.

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Kesav Easwaran 17 July 2009

a good write...i remember you have already one piece posted here on the same men...same theme...10

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Smiley Hooker 15 July 2009

A great tribute to 'Two Fine Humans'. Wonderful how you emphasized their legacy towards humanity and history. Excellent job! : -)

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