Volunteer Junkie Poem by David Beckham

Volunteer Junkie

Rating: 3.7

Listen darnit and listen hard!
Catch the echo in the room bouncing off walls
Echo so heavy, it weighs on your thoughts and feelings
The echoes of human struggle and disparity amongst peoples
Blue, brown, green people, all of us involved
Everyday people faced with issues of inequality and injustice with no help
Everyday people with a heart to learn but no one to teach
The echoes of their struggles reverberating like waves
Waves of people forced into need without help
In our presence are the millions of voices pressed hard against their will
His cries, her cries, our cries...
Our echoes so faint from exhaustion it disappears into thin air
These are the faithful called upon to hoist the flag high in the air
Our citizens under duress and now summed to...
Provide bread on empty stomach
Provide leadership to young ones while himself barely surviving on faint hope...
On the mere chance that you might hear his story and take him under your wings
'They' before us, the generation tomorrow
'They' the meek, the weak ones amongst us crying for survival, crying for justice
Your free services brings hope
It wipes away a tear
Not a friendly world
Not a friend in the jungle
But your love opens your heart to us
And give us a friend who we never had or had no other means of having
You taught me math and changed my life and demanded nothing in return
And you took my case and defended me and demanded nothing in return
Bless you if you volunteer your service to those unfortunate ones who cant afford it
Your motto: No 'will' abandoned
My prayer: Thy 'will' be done, oh Lord
The many cries for help with outreached arms you touched
Our thanks and gratitude to you extends to your generations


More people need to pay attention to those in need.

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Amber S 09 August 2011

really good poem keep writing :) -Amber

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Adrian Menoover13 Nieves 09 August 2011

beautifully written and undeniably the truth

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Tony Kavuoti 10 August 2011

Great insight into the soul. Your words can not help but to awaken dormit compassion in those who are not lost in their own narcissism. Enjoyed this work, is an inspiration. If you desire, check out my poem hopscotch into my soul

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Elizabeth Grace 10 August 2011

It is very well done. There are some grammatical errors, but overall I found this absolutely brilliant. Great message, keep writing.

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Deejay Manaleng 12 August 2011

Not many voulnteer but those that do... make a differance in this jungle we call earth. Your poem set my mind reeling and that is always a good thing

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Hans Vr 11 August 2011

Good work, David. Giving a bit of our time (or a lot of our time) to the needy, is so different from giving money. Giving money to charity does often not really affect us in a big way but givng time, oh yes, changes our perspective, transforms our lives and that of others and allows us to discover our and other's potential.

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Kolawole Ajao 11 August 2011

Not just true but also didactic. Nice one.

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Chris Haifley 11 August 2011

Beautiful. The subject is so true, and can bring out the emotions in all of us. Whatever you give to the world, you receive back at some other time. And if we volunteer and help other people when they need it, we are surely never going to be alone next time we're in need of help. Anyway, it's a truly amazing poem (: the word choice is amazing. Keep up the good work and keep on writing my friend!

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Robert Roberts 11 August 2011

i like. its a jungle out there may be today for me and tomorrow for you the key is team work and love. a helping hand from a friend some times is all many ask for

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